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Posted by panch from pool0480.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, June 17, 2002 at 12:00PM :

+++++This is a reply to Anu...my last there I guess. That makes aina, the gassbag and beth that I'm blocked from. And this is the Greatness of Assyrians? When in our history did we EVER behave like this? When...you ask? Since turning Christian, that's when. Foloowers of Ashur didn't lay the foundation of Western Civilization by these kinds of tactics. We only work at making each other and ourselves weak...that's all. This Heritage will die soon, on our watch if we keep this up...after so many centuries and millenia, do NOT let it happen in your lifetime...don't let that be our epitaph..."Here Lie The People It All Ended With".

Anu Say....

>Assyrian children are raised by their Assyrian parents who are decendents of the Assyrians who accepted Lord Jesus Christ as our personal lord and Saviour, this is now the FAITH of the Assyrian nation whether you like it or not

+++It isn't a matter of my liking it or not. You can't go from some Assyrians converting to Christianity to saying the entire "nation" is Christian. If some became Christian, surely others became Muslim and some are going back to Ashur.

++++If Christianity saved us AS Assyrians, then we wouldn't be doing all sorts of things in these Christian lands we live in where we are free to be Christian AND Assyrian. All I see is a lot of Christian bickering while the Heritage slides further downhill. One or the other of you may win your religious arguments in time...but what will that do for Assyria? You will merely make up one MORE Christian sect.

++++In Iraq and elsewhere where our ancestors live who converted to Islam, at least they are there trying to salvage and explore and protect our antiquities...they may not call themselves Assyrian, but they do the work. Here in the West our young people want increasingly to be Westernized...which also now means paying for the destruction of BetNahrain AND the preservatuion of Israel. If we are free here to be Christian and to be Assyrian...is this the best we can do?

+++ No one forced Firas to become a "Ross"...he just did it himself because there were more benefits to being a "Ross". This is what we have ever done since we traded in our own ways for the "benefits" of Christianity. I wish it were not true.

.....We know we have suffered to keep this faith, we know also that we shall be resserected as our lord Jesus was resserected

++++You will have to die first, so will your children and parents...and the more scourged and despised you die, the more your reward in heaven. No enemy of ours could EVER have implanted a more destructive device in our heads than that. What about THRIVING before we die?

...Assyrians are not being raised american or iraqi, or were not raised as turks or kurds or anything but ASSYRIANS!!! I dont know how you were raised ....but i know that Assyrians are Assyrians no matter where they are, and Assyrianism is only getting stronger in the hearts of our people.

+++I fear the opposite is true and you know it and it depresses you and you feel that people like me are the problem. My work has inspired more people than your preaching has...inspired them to hope AS Assyrians...not Christians. I am not a Christian...that's why I am not interested in being resurrected by a Jew. I care how I live here and now...let the devil have us all when we're dead, I don't care.

We as Assyrians who believe in Jesus as the son of god have survived as ASSYRIANS for 2 thousand years under oppression and every other evil the world has brought upon us......JESUS IS OUR SAVIOUR, GOD IS OUR MAKER, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS OUR SWORD......

+++I think not. This is not survival...this is being kept for a gradual slaughter. The Jews have survived under far worse oppression and kept faith with their ancient ways...that's why they are where they are and we are where we are. Even here in the Christian West we have no energy to do anything much...while Jews and Germans and Brits and others study our history and tell us about us.

+++You can't cut yourself off from the culture that nourished you in your days of greatness and hope to get far...and we haven't. There was no good reason for us to break faith with our past, with the foundation of our identity...no good reason...and the result can be seen all around you as we argue over what we all claim is the one TRUE religion...in its myriad forms.

+++Jesus has never been our savior...we lie scattered around the world arguing over trivialities...Ashur was our maker and he will rescue us again if we look to him. I realize this is anathema, but so were the teaching of Jesus once. As you have been willing to suffer for Jesus, who was a Jew and neither Christian NOR Assyrian...I and others will live and thrive and work for Ashur. Seems pretty "Assyrian" to me.

-- panch
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