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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 2:04AM :

Why would Ghandi go over to beth to "answer me"...knowing now that I can't answer him?

And what did I say wrong? If in defense of my children, I kill another person's children, haven't I just shown the man the way to my childs throat?

I refuse to be a tribal child is as precious as any other...and if that child isn't safe...then the same kinds of people who would make an enemy of that child, could tomorrow make one out of mine.

Why is that difficult for Ghandi, of all names, to accept? Why the smirk...why hide...why avoid a discussion?

I try like hell to engage them, and they run from me. Which of us is Assyrian...not in behavior.

>>Screw the children of Iraq who are not Assyrian. They have 1 billion arabs to help them.
>+++You MUST be a Christian. I am an Assyrian...I want all children protected. I make no distinctions...children are just plain children...there can BE no good reason to kill any of them.

....Then seek help for the children of India, Somalia and Ethiopia too!....


-- panch
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