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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 8:58AM :

I didn't realize that at the last convention in Modesto, one Assyrian guy threw another one out the hotel window to his death below. Now THAT'S making trouble. At the same convention, and I knew this, a bunch of our heroes very badly beat a Black guy cause he was looking at our women. Hell, I've seen some of our women and I'd look at them shock and wonder. And in San Jose they beat one fellow and threw him into the laundry chute where the cops finally found him...after his mother called them frantic to say her son was missing. He was "sleeping with the towels" old Sicillian thing.

When I told Wilfred Alkhase I was welcome at the upcoming Detroit convention...he said "Die Scum!!!", then he climbed down off the ceiling and said he would "work as hard as I can to make sure that doesn't happen". I never even got close to throwing anyone out a window...(one of my favorite "Defenistrate" actually means to throw out a window. Must be a hoary custom to have its own word. That's like having a particular word for, "throw up in a hallway".)

Why do people lose their marbles and come unglued when they see me coming? I haven't yelled at anyone, haven't pushed or hit anyone...haven't called their mothers names anywhere...why go apeshit on me?

What seems to be bothering Wilfred is my suing the AAA of San Jose, listed in the phone book as "Jackie's Club"...give it a rest Shawn!

We don't throw people out of windows here...we don't resolve disputes by defenistration...don't you love that? In America we resolve disputes by going before a third party...seems very civilized to me and I'm hardly the only one doing it. Some Assyrians were thrown off an airline and everyone is pleased that they're suing. Would it be a crime to sue if the airline had been an Assyrian one? Or would it be the worse crime that Assyrians threw an Assyrian off an Assyrian airline...or an Assyrian threw an Assyrian out a window...or Assyrians threw an Assyrian sculptor out of an Assyrian convention? Which of those is it okay to ignore...which outrage or crime should just be swallowed and passed over?

I thought so.

In Chicago they got pissed at me because I wanted to circulate a petition, like they do in Democracies, so we might install an Assyrian monument there. They were mad at me cause I had the nerve to sue an Assyrian in court. They never considered what this one Putz had done to us in blocking the installation of the monument for years. It's okay for an Assyrian to kick another Assyrians's teeth out...but god forbid the Assyrian should say "ouch".

People grow to depend upon what they are used to and we Assyrians are used to having our rights, our families and our heads trampled upon. We are used to killing each other, throwing each other out of windows, ganging up on one person etc. What we can't seem to get used to, and what scares us, is when an Assyrian stands up for being Assyrian...demands his rights...and especially demands that Assyrians stop fighting among themselves. These are things we are used to, they are normal and right for Assyrians to do. Even slaves have difficulty imagining freedom.

Oh yeah...the Lamasu. We're welding the armature at the foundry...should be ready to start soon. Will post photos.

-- panch
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