Piss In The Middle East

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Posted by panch from pool0076.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 9:16AM :

It would be simple to get both sides to the bargaining table and get an agreement. Line up one hundred Israeli children and 100 Palestinian children against a wall in two separate groups. Have their parents there as well and television cameras beaming the sight to the entire world...advertise ahead of time.

Get an Israeli father to aim a machine gun at the line of Palestinian kids and a Palestinian Father to point another machine gun on the Israeli kids. Ask the parents assembled there and representatives of the governments if they want peace..."at any price"....having listed the terms each side demands.

If one side says no...you have the first kid shot...say an Israeli kid...then the Israeli father kills the first Palestinian kid. Ask again...still no? Have the Israeli father shoot another Palestinian kid and the Palestinian father kill another Israeli kid....ask again. Still no? repeat till done.

But I don't think you'd get to the end. It would be especially good if the kids didn't die outright,,,twitched and squirmed and called out for help from their parents in increasingly faint voices mingled with tears and shouts and fear and the stench of warm blood and feces running together...Israeli blood and Palestinian blood.

Most people coudn't live with themselves if they witnessed such a thing and wouldn't find life worth the living if they had to do it. Eventually, maybe after ten or twenty bodies...the rest screaming in fright...the two sides would stop.

It's what they're doing now...only not as starkly...so it's easier to prolong the agony. Take them to the wall I say and maybe less will die in the long run.

No one wins these things. No one.

-- panch
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