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Posted by panch from pool0467.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 10:32AM :

akhoni b' omta Atourayta,

Indeed, God bless you.

Fred Aprim

>Lets get one thing straight....
>There is no such thing as a Syriac nation.

+++There is no such thing as a Souix nation...an Apache nation or an Assyrian Nation. These are fig newtons of the imagination. At least the native Americans have casinos...where you all go lose.

>the "jacobite" Assyrians revived Assyrian nationalism with no contact with Anglican missionaries as stated by some uneducated people.

+++You don't sound all that educated yourself...if there are "Jacobites" then there certainly are Chaldeans.

>My family is originally "chaldean" from mosul, yet they only became chaldean = catholic around 1848. Before that, not one chaldean catholic existed south of diarbekir.

++++And there is no proof at all that there were Assyrians, who knew they were, before 1700...and no proof at ALL that anyone calling himself Assyrian today is any more justified in doing so than anyone calling himself Chaldean. The safest thing to say, and what can be proven is that 1. You are Chrtistians...2. By your own admission you live in "Arab" countries....3...This therefore makes you Christian Arabs, as per your own "facts", as well as those facts acceptable to others...4. You don't like Arabs whom you claim are all Muslim...5. You are not and don't like Muslims...6. You have no document proving you are Assyrian OR Chaldean...and the only documents you can produce, again accepted as "proof" anywhere, are ones stating you are A. Christian and B. Arab...and that therefor all that can be said about you with any certainty, all that will be accepted in any court of law or official agency, if they are more polite than you are...is that you are Christian Arabs.

>Comprimise this.......1!1

+++Easily...you don't like being called Arabs...it ruins it for you, even if we tack on "Christian". You don't mind being American Christians...just not Arab Ones. You are more Arab than any kind of American...and you come here eager to make your children American...even though they lose interest soon enough in anything Christian. So...it would seem that hatred of Arabs is what matters most to you guys...and that too can be "proven".

+++You can produce no proof at all that you are Assyrian...and all your huffing and puffing doesn't convince anyone...except the Chaldeans who are willing to grant you your little fantasies.

-- panch
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