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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 10:40AM :

It's a frightening thought that people who search for "Assyrian" get these turkeys from Turkey. I wonder if we can get them for copyright violation or using our name in vain? These guys are Christian..."true" ones no they say. A madhouse.

... the Ghazzals and Haddodos

+++As in , "what ha DoDo!

Why dont you tell everyone here what happened in Church last week on Sunday 9 June? Let everyone know what happened and embarrass yourselfs. Rich so far has been bringing you all one side of the story. He never tells you all what happened exactly. He just says something happened or does not even mention it sometimes. And when its something good for him he will give you the little details and names of people like Jacques Wahbes mother.
Why he doesnt tell us the details of what they did on 2nd June and how they were kicked out of the church hall? How they got the police called for them because of the things they were doing? How the priest told them they are not allowed in the hall downsters? How they are not allowed to drink coffee in the hall downsters? My relatives told me everything. Lets go Rich. Be fair give all the details and dont be one sided. Let the readers judge for themselves whether you are right or wrong. Dont hide the details like HIPOCRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


+++Couldn't drink COFFEE!!! That's going too far. Baatheys!!!!

-- panch
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