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Posted by Stella from 12-248-16-41.client.attbi.com ( on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 1:53PM :

In Reply to: user manual posted by Julia from host194.crp.org ( on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 1:27PM :

Hey Julia!

I was wondering if you had left or not. How's the internship going in DC? If you ever come close to the pres, do me a favor and kick him in the nuts for me, will you?
Hey,I still have Memento. I won't lose it! I promise. :>

I'm taking one summer school course this session called the Christian Experience. I've held off on taking this class before because I was waiting for my advisor to teach it. He's a priest, but not your typical, conventional priest. (And Fred if you're reading this- HE'S NOT INVOLVED IN ANY CHILD SEX ABUSE CASE). I've had a another class with him before- he's one of the two greatest professors I've had in my college career. However, he's also the most difficult. I'm going to end up taking three courses in the next session (nothing else was being offered that I could take in the first session).

The trip to Iraq is going on hopefully next summer, right everyone? Keep your calendar clear that summer. It would be awesome to check out both the North and South. The South is where most of the suffering is going on. There isn't too much help given to the Arabs in the South. Anyhow, we'll have to do some planning.

Email me woman.
Take care,

-- Stella
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