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Posted by panch from pool0784.cvx34-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 4:59PM :

Dear Daniel,
It is the likes of Sargon Donabed, Mark, Peter BetBasso, Wm Warda and few others who are the pride of this nation.

+++You aren't a nation...you are a bunch of Christians who hate Muslims....

It is these people who are the defenders of this nation. It is these people whom our enemies do not like because they speak true history.

+++These people are known nowhere, they are published nowhere, they are heard of nowhere and they dare not go anywhere they can't be protected...and they aren't doing anything.

++++What enemies??? You guys attack each other, everyone else attacks you...you smear and slime and piss and moan...you wreck whatever is beyond your comprehension or skill or capacity...then you look around at the destruction you've made and say..."my GOD...what enemies we have!!!"

Such people are the ones who are the thorne in our enemies flesh

+++You are the pokers up each others assess...why would "unified" people like yourselves need enemies? What could they to do you, that you haven't already done to all of us?

... such people who's weapon is knowledge are the ones who the enemies cannot stand and will always attack.

+++++This "enemy" can't get at you guys to TALK with you, let alone attack you. My, my...we scare easily...for heroes of this nation in its Diapers.

By the way who do you consider respectable and deserve merit? I guess for your standard it would be those who do not mind changing our name to anything that suit your taste:-)

+++You are a rather poor example of a Christian Arab...that's the only identity you can PROVE. Try telling the Americans you are a citizen because..."I know I am"...and see what they dress you up as.

Fred Aprim


-- panch
-- signature .

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