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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, June 21, 2002 at 9:34AM :

Will someone please inform the Jews that Arabs and Assyrians can't be "Anti-Semetic, since we are ALL Semites?

If people are anything it is anti-Zionist. Are there no Jews in the world who are Anti-Palestinian?...Anti-Fatah??? Why bring the "Jew card" into it?

If there are acts being committed against Jews in Europe...that's the birthplace of pogroms...what's so shocking in that? Does anyone believe that Christians all of a sudden forgot 2000 years of force-fed hatred of Jews taught by the Christian Church?

If Arabs in Europe have joined Christians in defaming and attacking Jewish holy sites and symbols it is only because the Christians sent the Jews to live among Arabs and steal their lands and kill their children. It would seem that Christians merely gave the contract on Jews to the Arab world...are providing the guns and knives and washing their own hands.

How Christians ever became the "honest brokers" in the MidEast, where they hate both Jews and Arabs and set them at each other's throats is a tribute to diplomacy and duplicity.

They have managed to make sworn enemies now of two People who had lived in about as much harmony as any other two People ever have...better. Under Islam Jews received the best treatment they ever did from anyone and now the Christians have managed to ruin that relationship as well.

And Stella knows some nice priests...and Nazis had some decent guys among them too...but were rather destructive overall, wouldn't you say?

-- panch
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