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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, June 21, 2002 at 10:08AM :

I was at the groundbreaking of the new Mar Addai Church in Turlock, California last week. Mar Dinkha was present of course for the ceremony. I heard many things there and would like someone to clear some issues people were concerned with:

++++Never believe what you hear, only what you make up...then you know it's wrong.

1. What is going on with the Assyrian Church of the East regarding unification with the Chaldean Assyrian church and future leadership? Why is it that we do not hear or read about the issue? Why is everything is veiled?

+++Things are usually veiled because they are A. Ugly or B. Naughty. I've seen these people...they are both. You don't hear or read about the issue because Assyrians can't write and they don't listen...where's the point?

2. Why is Fr. Sarhad Jammo brought to California as a bishop?

++++Discount on air fare?

After so many rejections by the Vatican to appoint earlier nominees, why approve Fr. Sarhad Jammo who is from Tel-Kaif?

+++Jesus was born there?

Is the Vatican finally about to uproot the Church of the East under the pretext of unity?

++++If the Church of the East has a pretty can bet some Catholic is gonna want to root around up in it.

3. Who is running the Chaldean Catholic Church in reality?

+++A Council of Teletubbies.

What are the plans of the bishops who are from Tel-Kaif really about?

+++What the hell you think I am, a mind reader?

And is it true that Bishop Dully, who is from Tel kaif too and resides in Baghdad, is running this entire scheme of the over-taking, allegedly with the blessings of Saddam Hussein?

++++Yes...definitely. Why else?

4. Are we seeing the last patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East?

++++God I hope so.

5. Is the Church of the East being uprooted by the Chaldean Catholic Church, which will be taking the title the Chaldean Catholic Church of the East?

+++Would it make any difference to anything if it was?


+++You sure they got your name right?

++++Anyway...that takes care of those National Questions....with some National Answers.

-- panch
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