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Posted by panch from pool0297.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, June 21, 2002 at 10:19AM :

Dear Moderators,

I really wished to see the Assyrian forum providing two option forums:

1. The first forum for Assyrians only who have to register to enter. In this forum we can say whatever we want and kick each other in the behind if needed, the important thing is that everything will stay among us.

++++Guess who gets to decide which of us are Assyrian...or Assyrian "enough"? And guess who gets to decide when you've "gone too far" and should be stripped of your Assyrian identity...which THEY get to give out? Can anything prove that this guy is NOT Assyrian more than this kind of exclusivity? Assyrians were famous for including all people and never had to hide out to be Assyrians "in safety".
Aprim merely wants a captive audience where only the right people can come...so he can stun them with what he's ashamed to own up to in public...and can't back up anyway. What a poor, and typical, showing.

2. The second, where sensitive issues concerning Assyrians will not be discussed at all.

+++++That's just marvellous....and Assyria shall rise again, in it's Diapers.

This way we will not allow strangers to take advantage of the situation.

++++Right, and neither will you ever learn how to stop strangers from taking advantage of our people and lands and treasures...just a virtual Assyrian in a make-believe setting where you can control the tepid temperature.

There are many important events that are coming our way, whether name issue, church matters, or future Iraq. I wish we can keep the discussion about such issue among Assyrians only.

+++Are these "important" issues also sensitive? Because if they are, you can't discuss them. Are they important only in a closet? You are such an ass, it's a pleasure to see you unmask yourself. Putz.

What do you guys think?

++++Your previous incarnation as a turd did you no good.

Fred Aprim

+++Who else?

-- panch
-- signature .

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