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Posted by Jeff from ? ( on Friday, June 21, 2002 at 11:23AM :

Main Problem


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Written by Ceevin on 21 Jun 2002 08:04:54:

I think this post has been written like billions times and everytime we go through it we end up fighting.

The main problem is Chaldeans don't want to be called Assyrian and they get upset when Assyrians call them Assyrian, ofcourse not all but we all know a lot of them do get upset, well this is half of the problem, the other half is Assyrians get upset when Chaldeans don't want to be called Assyrians.

Since I'm half half I'm really sad to see both cultures like this, ofcourse there's other cultures including the Suryoyos that don't like it when being called Assyrian but the biggest problem of all is the Assyrian/Chaldean problem.

If I'm going to blame anyone it'll be both cultures, I blame Chaldeans because they don't like being part of the Assyrian culture and when they're asked by Assyrians to work together they decline the offers and ofcourse this is most but not all, and I also blame Assyrians because most Assyrians don't know how to approch in a peaceful way and instead they demand the name Assyrian over you and that way we can't get to a point.

I think the solution is simple but most of our people are hard headed, Chaldeans should be happy to work along side with Assyrians and be part of them, but at the same time Assyrians should not mind Chaldeans calling themselves Chaldean if they feel like it as long as they know that we're the same people and we work together.

The strength of a Wolf is in a pack, not alone, so imagine if we could solve this problem and get all cultures together with some educated and smart youth, our future will look bride.

This is a big part why we're not settled yet in these countries, however I have lots of hope in our youth because a lot would like to be one and join weither they're Assyrian, Chaldean or Suryoyo.

Then there's the name issue that has been there for ages, well all I can say is if we have people that can understand, repect and really want to be one and work together with the other side then we can all come up with a name that everyone will be happy about, and still allow names like Assyrian, Chaldean, Babylonian or Suryoyo being all used under one nation.

PS. Dear Webmaster, it's funny how you could't answer my educational questions so instead you ban my ip, not that I care but this is not the way to show how smart you are khone, guys like you and Bassam need to read some books about our ancient history and learn that we are all the same people, even though we have no proof if we're really Assyrians, Babylonians or Chaldean but we assume they were our ancestors and that's ancient, we live in the modren days and there's not may of us left on earth, pretty soon we could vanish just like the Egyptions, I don't want that to happen to my people weither they claim they're Chaldean, Assyrian or Suryoyo because we're all one.

If Chaldeans don't want to be called Assyrian thats fine, but let's join hands and be one, that means if an Assyrian approches you and asks you with respect to work together, you should be happy to work with him because if we're united, we can always get somwhere. If you take a single peice of paper and rip it, it'll take you not less then a second to do it, but if you take 2000 peices of papers and try to rip them all at once, you'll never be able to do it because they are 2000 united peices, same goes with our people.

Finally, the name should't matter because if we all have to share a name, we can all make somthing up and agree on it, Romans are no longer Romans anymore, they are Italian, Jews who their country at once used to be called Judah are Israel today, that means we should stop the Ancient Racesisem minds and get on with the modren names, making it more clear (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Babylonians and Suryoyos) can still be used but all under one name and one nation.

-- Jeff
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