Beating A Dead aina

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, June 21, 2002 at 6:19PM :

We are not a minority. We are a nation with indigenous people but stateless due to denial and betrayal during and after WW1.

+++During that war we were not a nation...we were a part of the Ottoman Empire...villagers mainly. Look up "minority"...and while you're at it, "linger" there.

There are nations/peoples smaller than us but members of the UN body.

+++Name one. If you are a member of a body , you are a body part. Which part are you?

No one can speak for us.

+++No one would know what to say if they tried. WE can't speak for us!

Only we Assyrians speak for ourselves. Iraq is not kurdish and Arabic only. The country is for Assyrians and others.

+++A country is "for" whoever can take it and hold it. The Jews were without Judea for 2000 years. They didn't get it back because they deserved it, but because they took it. They certainly never begged for it.

Never compromise and never seek middle solutions.

+++Great advice. Never forget...and never learn too. And what do you suppose we've gained with this advice? Would you say we are growing stronger? Do you too stand around waiting for some Western Christians to kill enough Muslims so you can "get your country" back? This mistake again? Is that a bold and forceful stance to you? And you wonder that we are treated badly by the people we share those lands with? When we practically invite people to come in and kill our Muslim neighbors so we can have their homes?

We are masters and our history is beside us.

+++I don't know what "beside" us means. Where do you see us "masters" of anything? Anything!

+++These empty headed slogans and tough sounding words keeps us in our Diapers...they mean nothing...they have no chance of being realized anywhere, and I don't think you really want to bother with anything don't sound like the sort of person who actually does work. Good sounding words are enoguh for you. ten years from now you'll post the same thing...and you will have done nothing about it. But you WILL call in the night to have me banned for "attacking" you.

-- panch
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