Israelis have No Choice

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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, June 22, 2002 at 8:25PM :

In Reply to: On an 'Interim' State posted by Lilly from ? ( on Saturday, June 22, 2002 at 4:54PM :

Let this be a lesson to the rest of us. After 2000 years of brutality at the hands of you know's hardly surprising that Jews learned their lesson...what were they supposed to do...convert to Christianity like we did?

They have that one narrow strip of land that they were all but forced onto. Think about it...would Assyrians go back to Muslim lands that just finished doing to them what the Christians of Europe did to the Jews? We would? Then why don't we...what are we doing here and in Sweeden?

What's that you say, "things are rough in Turkey and Syria and Iraq for Christians"? Try Europe as a jew for 1000 years...try it just 60 years ago during the Holocaust...a real one.

Where are they supposed to go? Are they supposed to be content to live there with those borders for the next 100 years...200? What's wrong with them wanting more land...who doesn't want "more"? Is there another Jewish state, or region they can go to...another Israel? The Muslims have several countries to travel around in...what do Israelis have? And if you say that now, these days, they are welcome anywhere...they've heard it before.

What are they supposed to do but use nazi tactics like bullying and claiming the Sudetenland Germans are being "oppressed" and so naturally mother Germany HAS to go protect them, and incidentally take some land while they're at it. If Christians can do these things...if they can steal land at will and murder whole populations, why can't the Israelis? On this entire planet there is ONE country the size of a Seven Eleven parking lot for all of them...why shouldn't they take a page from the Christian primer on how to expaqnd your borders without really trying?

And why shouldn't the palestinians fight back in every way they know clever and bold as any Jew was caught in the warsaw ghetto.

The only REAL crime here is that the Jews didn't bomb the shit out of Berlin and seize all of Germany for those sons of bitches did to them...that they turned on their Muslim firends.

Who would care if the Jews paid the Germans back?

I told my Jew pals that not enough children have died yet....and they haven't. It will take more, lots more.

-- panch
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