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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 23, 2002 at 3:29PM :

at aina they're trying a new format...lists people's e addresses so there wont be so many Implements and devices and forces of nature and erruptions. They feel this will cut down on the noise. They also warn people not to post too much..."less is More" Peter he has THAT right! Less of him is plenty.

Bethsuryoyo went through something like that as well a while back...created an "Activist's Site" where really rough trade was supposed to activists talk. It didn't work and they cancelled it.

It's hard for yoors trooly to remain modest when he sees what he interprets as the fan tods gripping this nation in Diapers. I don't think I'm the sole cause, but there does seem to be a concerted effort being made to have me arrested, shot, smeared, broken, banned, deleted and generally "exposed" as a traitor or agent in need of a baathey.

By contrast we have a site that all are welcome to write in...even whatever nonsense will be banned and deleted at other sites...we don't care. If you are an ass, you are welcome. Ain't no one here gonna jump out of their skin.

And what is the result of this open policy?...the assholes that plague the other sites...don't come. They don't come because we have the best sort of "monitoring" there is...we are moderated and checked and ourselves. Anyone who wants to impress us or inform us or stun us or curse welcome. They keep themselves away...and that, boys and girls, is just as it should be in a strong, pluralistic society...or forum.

We police ourselves by the sort of site we isn't "idiot-friendly"...whereas the others seem to attract mostly this's just that each Moderator has a high level of tolerance for HIS kind of Gassman, an extreme example in high heels if there ever was one.

Gassman came over a few times but quickly figured out this was not a safe place for him...didn't do anything to him...didn't have to...just answered him where he couldn't swing a scimitar over his head and eliminate "enemies".

Same with the rest...they say they wouldn't "lower" themselves by writing here...I think they are afraid they can't raise themselves enough to do it...that in any unchecked and free exchange of ideas, they would be at a loss.

What they want to create is the kind of country they would want...a tyranny plain and simple. In a democracy, a good one...your abilities should determine your success...not your connections or kinship to the leaders.

I seem to be able to slip under the radar at the new and improved aina...let's see how long it lasts.

-- panch
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