Hanna Makes A T-esticle Of Himself...

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Posted by panch from pool0248.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, June 24, 2002 at 7:36PM :

sorry...I meant "spectacle". This is from his site....

"Hi, my name is Hanna Hajjar.  Painting is one of my hobbies.  I hope you will like my artwork, which I would like to share with you."

++++This saccharine intro to Hanna's site explains the guy to me rather well. First of all, he admits it's a hobby with him. Hobbies are nice things to have when you have spare time on your hands...after doing the important things like going to your real job.

++++Hanna always exuded a chronic level of resentment that I was "lucky" enough, or sneaky or devious enough to make my living, such as it is, from Art. Peter has the same problem. He writes excruciatingly sappy poetry which he has the nerve to give people..."Hello, my name is Peter(this week), would you like my herpes?"

It was in the cards that I'd have problems with these two. They feel they wouldn't "stoop" to what I have...accept money for what they "love". That's why their stuff looks and sounds as it does. It would okay if they knew enough not to speak out of turn...if they understood that being a professional artist in this marketplace means a lot more than just painting or writing what you feel like, when you have the time...after the "important" work is done.

See...if I'm going to stand up, in America, where we aren't represented at all in the Arts, as Assyrians...and say..."I think you should put a statue of Ashurbanipal in San Francisco...right there by the one of what's his name...Abe Lincoln, is it?" I'd have to be pretty ballsy...I'd have to be arrogant somewhat...I'd also have to be singleminded in my determination, cause if I looked or sounded the least bit uncertain...a guy like Narsai wouldn't give me the time of day...or Anna Eshoo...or several of the successful people, many of them sworn to never get involved with things Assyrian again.

If I...or another Assyrian artist, have that sort of moxey...that most necessary amount of piss and vinegar and determination...you can't then expect us to cave in to a Jackster or a Nimrod. Not likely.

And converesly....if we were the kind to cater to what these dummies think is "proper" in what they call "art"...we'd be laughed off the stage so fast...no, we wouldn't even get UP there, our knees would knock so.

-- panch
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