Assyrian Demands at aina

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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, June 24, 2002 at 9:23PM :

+++They do a lot of that...demanding of others while they let themselves off easily.

This is a suggestion to be discussed by all Assyrian individuals and political figures.

++++They don't do that kind of thing.

The majority sheeya in Iraq has declared their demands as a part of Iraq's present day society.
Their declaration included their political goals of the future. As assyrians, I feel it is the oppurtune time to follow in their footsteps and declare our nation's political demands for our present and our future.

+++Actually I can't imagine a worse time to do such a thing...sounds too much like carving up the bird before it's killed. With Assyrians happily paying their taxes to Canada and the US and Australia to bomb Iraq and starve its children...I wouldn't imagine any demands by us same people would be in good taste. I'd send some food first...maybe some medicine and bandages...then show them I was sorry and was working to stop this barbarity...then maybe if we ask nicely they may feel kindly towards us...but just like DEMAND???...bad form.

I urge all our responsible Assyrian citizens whether they are politicians or writers or simply people

+++Did you mean "pimply"?

that share concern for our future, to voice their opinions and suggestions in this matter so we can publicise the final statement of our nation's demands.

++++We can't seem to agree to speak together in one city, or state or region or between countries. If all these people speak at once it will be to damn the next fellow. We're more ready for Bedlam than Iraq.

Note: I think there are a lot of educated assyrians who share the same thought. I have had some discussions about this matter with some of our sophisticated Assyrians in Canada,

++++You HAVE??? Send them HERE!!!

and also with some of our Assyrian members in Pal-Talk.
I am hoping that we could share our thoughts through this website with the approval of the webmaster. I am hoping that our discussions here will progress towards an eventual meeting in person where matters will be discussed more efficiently and agree to the publish of our final statement.

+++You really think the world needs one MORE statement about our Demands??? Without ever having heard that we even exist and without our even agreeing just who is "us" and who isn't?

++++Another National Question..."Can a nation go from its Diapers straight to pants, without any intermediary steps"? Training pants maybe?

God bless Assyria.

++++Hasn't done it yet.

Akhiqar Mirkhai

+++I DEMAND we stop demanding and start earning.

-- panch
-- signature .

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