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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 11:30AM :

In Reply to: Lamasu monument posted by Melody from ( on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 10:53AM :

: Fred,

: I just finished reading the 'Lamasu Monument' page. very cool..., very articulate.

: On a completely different note, do Assyrians know that Art can be viewed as an investment unlike say buying a foreign car? I think if more people heard that, then there would be a greater interest in Art. I know I really shouldn't bring up the money angle, but I am starting to believe Karl Marx more and more everyday. He said Economics is the foundation for everything(don't remember exact quote).

+++Karl was right about a lot of things...that's what scared the capitalists so much. People who have these pieces don't usually want to sell them. To make money off of art you'd have to be as sophisticated as the European Jews who buy three or four pieces from an artist, not all of which they "like"...but which they know they can sell someday to cover the cost of the one or two they really wanted but didn't want to pay the end. In the process they donate one of them to a museum with their Jewish name prominantly on display...for which they get free publicity for their family and nation...AND a tax write off. Meanwhile the Assyrian is still eating his meat raw in a cave somewhere. Tell me who "attacks" us?

+++An Assyrian investor will usually "Assyrian" me down till he makes the piece almost worthless...makes me poor...keeps me from being able to feed myself or buy the materials or the time to make more sculpture...brags to his friends about how "shrewd" he is...drives the value of what he just bought down so low it starts out "worthless...guarantees I'll never be heard of by anybody...makes it impossible for me to travel to museums and generally keep myself vying for the public recognition that WOULD have made his piece appreciate in value etc.

We're the same about'd be very hard pressed to prove Assyrians are proud of themselves, expect much from themselves, care much for themselves.

The Jew knows how to care, cause he does. When you're hungry, real hungry...I mean really hungry...and you don't know where to stick the'll try every orifice till you get it right...cause you'll CARE to eat. We keep shoving our pride right up the same old place.

-- panch
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