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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 11:57AM :

In Reply to: Re: ZindaLite posted by Zinda not so lite from ? ( on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 1:07AM :

: ----->More of the usual "we are our worst enemies" business...sometimes you gotta let your enemies know you've got your eyes on them

++++You missed the point. I said we don't have any enemies...none worth mentioning. Our worst enemy is ourself...and I AM keeping an eye on us.
: : +++Does that mean that Jackie Bejan and Nimrod and Atour Golani are secret agents and traitors for blocking my efforts...for shoving those sculptures in a basement rather than place them in a University? Or am I the "agent" because I want to install Assyrian monuments? Which is it? Is it both?

: ------> Neither. You are all Assyrian; Id rather have an Assyrian screw up my house than a "foreigner"..thats the point

++++There are no foreigners screwing up anything. No foreigner keeps us from behaving like civilized human beans. These Christians have managed to get us kicked out of that region...well you guys got your wish..we are SAFE in the Christian West. So NOW who is thwarting you and keeping you tied up. Who stops us from having a symphony or installing a monument, or creating an endowment fund OR getting money out of the respective governing bodies we all pay taxes into...taxes the Jews manage to get easily enough...or is the fact that there are competant people in this world somehow stop Assyrians cold? Is that our problem...that so long as ANYONE else can speel rityh and speak and deal...that we are being KEPT DOWN? Will the rest of the world have to adopt our own dismal attributes so that we can finally ERRECT ourselves???

: : +++++It was the Church that started all this dividing business, not Kurds or Iraqis. It's every Assyrian and his cousin and their dog that goes off to start yet another International Organization. We've done this crud to ourselves...but are understandably ashamed to admit it...and eager to blame it on someone else.

: ---->here we go again; we know all that, there are plenty of people pointing out how fucked the churches are; so what, just because the churches are a bunch of grey haired pedophiles, does that mean Zinda cant point out that the Kurds are sponsoring those divisions?

+++It isn't the Kurds. Let the Kurds come sponsoring that you get out of your pants and see if you'll do it. Let the Kurds come demanding that Chicago NOT install a monument and see if Chicago listens. A Kurd doesn't have to do a damn thing to us any longer...we do it to ourselves. No Kurd could make any headway "sponsoring" anything...unless we were ready to stab each other in the back...stop blaming others for what you don't want to accept about us...WE did it and we DO it to the modern era. Quit yer whining...who sponsors you to piss and moan and so?

: : ++++We can't seem to be able to do much by ourselves, for ourselves, to ourselves. We're just pong balls in some insane game somewhere...

: :
: : "Racists among certain Kurdish political groups are the new Saddam Husseins of North Iraq, intent on dividing the Assyrians with methods not unlike those of the Baath. Foremost among their tactics is financing divisionists among Assyrians and making the Assyrians known as a group of separate religious denominations rather than a distinct, specific ethnicity."

: :
: : +++If it's true that we are one specific and strong and proud come some two bit "traitors" who can't speak or read or write in any civilized language, have been so effective?

: ----> They are TRYING to be, but are being caught in the act

+++What "act" you damn fool. I caught Nimrod in the act of blocking an Assyrian public monument we could have installed years ago, the second one in 2500 years, in a coiuntry and city among the most powerful in the Kurds, just one crud. And 80,000 Assyrians in that city alone know of it and not a one of them has done or will do a damn thing about it. You think one Kurd could have stoped it?

+++It wasn't Kurds who ruined it for San Jose either...who threw me out of a convention, who wouldn't let other Assyrians see the sculpture, who lied and cheated and are now suing one of our own people for two million bucks...for nothing. We don't need any Kurds...we have Assyrians.

: : +++Assyrians don't NEED any enemies...they do well enough on their own.

: ----> heard that one before too

++++I gave you the time of day because there isn't much else going on. You were hardly original.

-- panch
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