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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 9:22AM :

: What in the name of God is your problem?

++++Rhetorical...what's yours?

: first of all, I cannot understand what is it
: that you want from coming to this forum?

+++That's one of many things you don't understand. Good of you to be so forthcoming.

: cannot ask a simple question from the
: moderator only to see people like you, and
: couple others who know themselves, jump to
: post something empty and childish and there
: goes a thread of nothing but calling names
: and nonsense. Do you enjoy such garbage?

+++Stop calling names and nonsense.

++++See now...the kettle should not call the pot a Chaldean.

: Second, what is wrong with someone defending
: another regarding a certain issue? Why are
: you so pissed off because someone defended
: another?

+++Why so pissed that someone DIDN'T defend you?

Are my writings that sour for your
: taste?

++++Oh man.....

If you did not know, then here it is,
: from now until the next census, you will see
: more and more from me. I assure you
: Assyrians will not stand for ignorance. We
: will beat this disease. you ever go over what you write? If we can't handle a little dust we gonna do anything beside talk? As the judge told Dadeshoo when the fool sued the Census can imagine what kind of nonsense HE was subjected to...he said something to the effect that all the Assyrian arguments he'd heard in court were long on rhetoric and short on logic. And that, brother, is just where it's at. Now DON'T throw any of your "facts" at me either.

: Third, we are all Assyrians, period. Only a
: filthy outsider would come here and try to
: make an issue, like the one you are trying
: to make, claiming that such and such is
: chaldean or Jacobite!! There is no
: Nestorian, there is no Jacobite, there is no
: Chaldean, we are all Assyrians.

++++That's pretty filthy of you. Many others tell us there are NO Assyrians. If you want them to believe will have to show the same forebearance. As I keep telling have not one document, not one shred of proof that you are an any way related to the ancients...not ONE and you have never been able to produce anything... anything except your usual lame..."I know I am".

++++Since that's the best you will ever be able to do...and since you accept the views of others who have equally little to no proof that they are should be consistant and accept people when they tell you they are Chaldean and Jacobite and the rest of it...without jumping all over them because they don't have any proof you don't.

++++We started this dialogue a while back and all you had to offer was insults and nonsense and filthy posts in which not once did you address the issue. Just admit don't have "proof" and you don't NEED any. And neither does anyone else. Either all our claims are preposterous or they are all valid. Period. To try to make of yourself a "pure" thing above all reproach whom no one should DARE to presume to challenge, "just because I say so", hardly makes the argument, or your point, or puts you in any sort of "superior" God told you and only you and those like you. Come on...act like an Assyrian for a change.

+++No one is doubting that there were once Assyrians and Chaldeans etc. What we are saying is that your claims are based in the same murky stuff ours enough all right already. If the Chadleans stole a march on you guys...accept it and be better prepared the NEXT time. You want to change something that has already happened and you never will...haven't the resources or the sense or the connections to do it...and don't tell us about the "truth" hasn't prevailed much when it came to getting us murdered or having a monument installed. You will not change anything this way...for one thing you'd have to go "out there" to do it and we know how ill equiped you are to go anywhere someone can't protect you. You're preaching to the choir...these people have no pull with the Census Bureau either...they already agree with you...So??? Who cares...who is listenning that will change anything for you? Xactly. It's an easy "battle" cause you risk nothing. You'll keep writing about in here, "FOREVER". Who cares and what possible difference can it make anywhere. Who needs a useless champion?

++++Work on something original, a new the Chaldeans did when they snuck up on you guys. You're fighting last year's battle...move on to one of the several other conflicts facing us. Accept it in good grace and try to CREATE something for a change.

: Finally, you are lucky I am not the moderator
: because if I was, trust me, garbage like you
: would never post here.

+++You guys have a funny idea of intellectual discourse...of democracy or pluralism. You came to America and said, "GOOD, now I can be the tyrant"! That's not the spirit that made this country the place you chose to run to, even as it was destroying our homelands.

: Do not expect more responses from me, this is
: all you deserve.

+++He didn't "desrve" this one. None of us deserve anything. I would think you could answer his questions without bringing up filth and personal attacks and by speaking to the point, rather than end by saying you would ban people who disagreed with you if you could...Life doesn't work that can't "ban" what the census Bureau did...or "ban" history, or get rid of whatever displeases you. You have to figure out how to turn the tables on we did at our thingie...we don't have to "ban" anyone. You and others have enough sense not to go where you can't handle yourselves. That's the best way to "ban" people...try it here and these guys wont come...and neither will you.

: Fred Aprim

Fred Asprin

-- panch
-- signature .

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