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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, June 28, 2002 at 11:23AM :

In numerous cases the Christians and their prelates had it coming. They were notorious for ratting on each other...for trying to cheat the government of its taxes...left to themselves they were willing enough to kill and rape each they have done in Europe for years.

Do I have to remind you that in the most devastating wars of the last century, the most destructive in our entire history on this was primarily Christians killing and raping other Christians? It was the most Holy and Peace loving Christians in Italy, Germany, England, France, Europe and America, who were responsible for starting the troubles...and they didn't mind at all bombing each other';s churches...killing each other's clergyment and women...raping Nuns...murdering each other's children and on and on.
Give it a rest will ya.

Peter The Great you ain't. Try Peter The Rabid.

+++I'm probably going to be called a troublemaker...a destroyer of dialogue a seeducer of wemen and shown to the door over there.

+++It causes these kinds of Assyrians real trouble when you think freely, speak freely, or act freely. What do they know...they want a Turkey of their own...just as the Zionist Jews want their own Fatherland uber alles in Palestine.

+++Be careful who you friends are...but keep a close watch you don't emulate your "enemies" either.

-- panch
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