Hysterians at aina

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Posted by panch from pool0581.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, June 28, 2002 at 4:46PM :

: I wonder how your logic works!

: Could you have an airplane crash before the
: 1900 A.D.? (i.e. before the airplane was
: ever invented?).

+++The fact that you even pose such a ridiculous question would ordinarily suffice with hysterians such as yourself to cast doubt on my probity or common sense...tell me, could you have a mouth before you got yourself a brain?

: I think that your probnlem is not understanding
: the TIME LINE sequence, where certain things
: didn't exist at a certain time in the past!

++++I can't wait to have you enlighten me....

: Islam came to exisance around the year 600
: A.D., and before that time there were no
: Moslems. So how can you blame Christians for
: any atrocities against Islam when there were
: no Moslems around prior to the 600s A.D.,

++++What in Ashur's name are you talking about. "Time Line sequence"??? How about just learning how to read and comprehend the English language...in ANY sequence and sooner rather than later. Where on earth and why in heaven, would I do that? Do you think be rephrasing my points in your silly way people are going to wonder about ME???

+++Never said Christians were responsible for cruelty to Muslims before they even existed...but they were definitely killing Jews before then. Islam had no problem with Jews or Christians till AFTER outside Christians began meddling with Christian citizens and subjects of the Sultan.

: coupling that

+++Coupling what? You didn't couple anything...you unhinged my words, or tried to and now you come here with "coupling"? You learn this stuff in the Soviet Union or Saddam University? Do these cheap verbal tricks fool people...could that be why we speak doggerrel and can't conduct a sane argument anywhere but in here where the doctors are standing by?

with the fact that the Moment
: Islam came to existance it started as a
: militant religion, where Moslems INITIATED
: attacks against all those who do not join
: tne new religion.

+++That is not true. From the beginning other tribes tried to kill Muhammed. His battles with the Christians of the Byzantine Empire where battles for land and growth and trade routes....something the Christians killed each other over all the time, up to the present.

+++Whenever you guys say the "Muslims killed Christians"...you neglect to point out they were killing Christian SOLDIERS, who were also trying to kill them...as any number and all manner of Christians have done too.

+++The militancy you describe suits Christianty far better as it was the religion that decided to attack Muslim countries first. The Eastern Roman Empire was spreading out trying to take new territory all the time and many Christian villages were attacked and sacked by the Empire's troops. Christians have been killing other Christians and stealing from them since the beginning...nothing new or surprising...like I said...you guys only get excited when a Muslim kills a Christian...you cheer when a Christian kills a Muslim and don't much mind when he kills another Christian. What religion has been more militant than the Christian Roman one that has spread its armies all over the world?

: Islam started in Arabia where there were Pagan
: Arabs who were at odds with the new
: religion. Initially it wasn't Christians
: against Moslems, it was the Pagans against
: Moslems. The Christian-Moslem conflict
: started when the Moslems came out of Arabia
: and started attacking Christians left and
: right.

++Not true...read something else. The Muslim Conquest of Iraq brough peace to the Jews there and in time between the warring Christian factions...many of whom had been kicked out of the Byzantine Empire as heretics. Muslims allowed Christians and Jews to live within their dominions in peace...and several Christians ran off in the night to escape their Christian rulers because they were treated far better in Muslim lands.

+++Christians merely killed all Jews and Muslims from the get go...then set about killing each other over trivilaities no one else could understand. At least the Muslims tried...at least for centuries they lived side by side and learned from and shared their countries with their Christian and Jewsih subjects...they tried and they succeeded more oftewn than not...far more often.

+++The real trouble started when the European powers sought to carve up the Ottomans and used those same warring Christians to fight among each other, promising then more and better goodies...like they did with us...like you are all still hoping they will this time.

++++I'm not interested in attacking Christianity or Islam or Judaisim...as far as I'm concerned they are three sides of a ridiculous religion. What concerns me is how arrested in growth...how infantile you all remain, like children blaming someone you call a bully as a way of excusing your own poor showing in life. It is shameful...it makes you weak headed and trivial,,,whining and moaning for of all things... PRIDE!

: Historian

+++I think not...Hysterian is more like it.

-- panch
-- signature .

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