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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, June 29, 2002 at 9:29PM :

In Reply to: Leutholdcrombie and Fitch posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, June 29, 2002 at 4:47PM :

Depends how you define "poor" attorney. I'd say he's a lot less poor now than he was before he met Jackie.

A doctor's creed is "First do no harm"....Shawn's kind of Lawyer is, "First, get as much cash as you can".

Think of the dynamics of the situation...Jackie screeches to halt in front of his office driving one Benz and towing two others...she comes into his office rattling jewelry...tells her tale of woe and abuse, but just enough of it to make it the "truth"...pulls out her checkbook and says..."I'm ready to spend $100,000 to get justice".

Now Shawn, in spite of being a lawyer, is only human. he knows he can say,,,"well, Jackie you know I can't promise anything (and here he looks deep into her crossed eyes)...except, (and here he sets what would be his chin in what would be a determined manner, if he had one)...that I will do my absolute and most expensive best to get you what you want."

And he does. She comes in and tells him she just heard that I am going to be interviewed on a TV show and says she called the guy and DEMANDED copies of ALL interviews...admits the guy said, "sure thing, where do you want them"...then tells Shawn to write the guy a letter anyway...because she knows she can call the guy' s boss and get him in trouble...Shawn dutifully writes the letter knowing all along that neither she nor he have any authority or standing to demand any tapes from the guy...but it's a few thousand more and what the hell...he's seen from Jackie how little Assyrians he does it. The guy gets the lawyer's letter...calls Shawn and says.."like I told Jackie when she demanded the tapes...where do you want them sent?." Shawn says he'll get back to him on that...and they neither of them ever call again or ask for the tapes. They didn't want the tapes...just wanted to show some muscle....and in Shawn's case, get some more money.

Same thing with the Restraining Order. Not a hope in hell, and hell, I wasn't even there to defend myself and the judge told them both to run along...that was just to bother my was sending their complaint to the police near where my mother lives, knowing it was just their own stupid document...that no judge had ever acted on it or seen it and none would...just to scare my mother and let me know they will do anything...funny, that's exactly the behavior I am claiming in my suit. And then of course they threw Jeff into it to prove that when Jackie says you're her friend and she loves you...RUN!!!

Now Shawn has himself painted into a corner. The only thing he 'won" for Jackie was the bullshit about the loan and the land swindle and the bull with no balls, and that was only by default cause I was in Mexico riding horses with my darling children and taking long walks with my lovely wife. Even there it was useless cause there is no way they can collect a dime...I haven't got one...Jackie saw to that.

For a string of hollow victories Shawn has nothing to show except an increased bottom line...and Jackie has as much of a bottom as she ever had. Now he has to actually try this silly case in court, in front of a jury.

That's why he pounced on my message to Lin-kaan, telling me he was eager and willing to settle the case...just tell him when. You guys want me to get him down here? He'll do it.

I don't want to settle anything except in court...where I'll take whatever I get. Jesus H Christ...I typed my fingers to the bone to get that woman to sue me and I'm going to quit now?

We all know Shawn is copying these things down to use in court as proof that I am a this and a that. let him. It's all satire...don't mean a word of it.

-- panch
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