Original Sin

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Posted by panch from pool0190.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, June 30, 2002 at 9:41AM :

I was just reminded of that incredible bit of nonsense the Church preaches. If you needed any further proof that there is and has been damage done to our minds and souls and hearts by the dictates of a gaggle of goatherds and pig farmers from 2000 years ago, this is it.

Not to mention the Fathers of The Church, those wise and learned dolts who knew all about the distance between heaven and pergatory...knew what god wanted, knew what to believe about the dawn of civilization or the date and manner in which the world began...yet knew nothing about the disease bearing fly sitting on their supper.

This could explain the dismal, the awful, the unbeileavble sort of violence and stupidity, all in the name of this same madman of a god and his many manifestations...that are plaguing us still...how it is that we can be so dull witted and hard hearted, to go to church in America while our airplanes are raining death and destruction on raggedy people who never did a thing to us...who even believe in that same god derived from that same most unreverent and ill conceived and whacky book palmed off on us by ignorant shephards eons ago as the word of any kind of a god you'd want to have a beer with, let alone live your life and raise your family and run your country in accordance with his murderous decrees.

We are taught Hypocrasy...it is institutionalized in Church teachings...it comes to us with our mother's milk almost...how else could we maintain the pious fraud that we are Christians, even while we slaughter the innocents?

We aren't only kept infantile...but we have a biblical sized cruel streak a biblical mile wide. No wonder.

-- panch
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