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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 at 1:28AM :

: You did nothing but squeal with regards to
: Ross.

+++You should all squeal the same...when is the last time you remember any Assyrian challenging a professor to a debate and getting a college to set it up? When did an Assyrian ever do anything out there? Dadeshoo? Nimrod?

Check out his website, he is still
: doing what he does best, even better after
: your exchange with him.

+++What was he doing before...that he is doing "better" now? My exchange taught him there were four Assyrians who weren't afraid to come out as Assyrians after 9/11...after I was warned that this was a "bad time"...meaning you were all scared to be mistaken for Assyrians.

++++I never intended to stop him..or teach him a lesson or read him the riot act...I merely wanted to show that we COULD challenge these people and go toe to toe with them....the rest of you were so pleased with yourselves for NOT attending because..."when did I say nice things about YOU". That same narrow minded stupidity that has us fighting each other. I did exactly what I said I would when I told Marzillier that we'd see what direct confrontation would do...after he told us the college wasn't going to bother with us any longer...something you did nothing about.

+++There were more Jews there than Assyrians. One fellow who signed the petition found out I wasn't Christian...asked me...and then took his name off of the petition...tell me he's Assyrian. I can't transport you, give you courage or make you sensible...all I can do is work for being Assyrian...enough people are working for Christ...the Jew from Israel.

Why is it that only
: your battles are honorable and those of AINA
: are harmful? I haven't seen any progress
: being made for Assyrians from your personal
: battles with Nimrod, Jackie and the rest of
: them.

++++It will take a while. It took me three years to place the first Assyrian public monument anywhere in 2500 years...after 100 in America. It is taking me now 14 years to get one Assyrian man to move the face of the indifference of 80,000 Christians...not Assyrians. No Assyrian of any kind would fail to see the value of the monument for inspiring our children...but you people are work for Christ. You have to admit it's an uphill battle to de-castrate our people.

: AINA is obviously not that way. You're
: confusing AINA with this forum.

+++Where's the difference...where's the significance and where's the confusion?

: We don't have the resources to save the world.
: We are concentrating on saving what's left
: of Assyrians in their homeland.

+++You have a funny way of doing allowing your taxes to be used to bomb those lands and kill ALL the people...without a PEEP!

+++You aren't saving a damn thing. You think anybody here gives a damn? They're allowing Christians in THIS country to be railroaded into live hungry on the streets...they're executing retarded Christians, unjustly jailing and robbing Christians all the time, they had a Civil War in which Christian murdered Christian...they fought Christians in Europe and killed really think the British or the Americans care about you and your poor Assyrian Christians? Really?

It's about
: time you learn that lesson.

++++Here's a lesson for you...if your daughter was kidnapped by a tribe of people named Smith...and you were a Brown. And the Smiths had a nasty history of sometimes, not always, but sometimes getting angry at Browns and killing any of them they could lay their hands on...and this was one of those times because all of the Browns had been attacking and killing and bombing and starving the Smiths for years...and I came along, said I was concerned for the welfare of all Smith children, your daughter especially, and I decided to tell the world the"truth" about how sick and murderous and treacherous and evil and sick the Browns are...insisted that they immediately release all Smith children and urged the Browns to attack even harder and kill even more...would you appreciate it and believe me when I said I wanted to save your daughter, and this was the best way to do it?

+++Take your time.

++++You will not ever be rescued by the West...either you are foolish in the extreme or you are trying to fool someone. The only hope our people back home have of getting their rights met, especially so long as the war continues, lies with the people THERE...not here. Will you people never learn...will you ALWAYS be beggars?

: That is exactly what matters now, the
: Assyrians in the north. If you don't realize
: that now, then we have little to discuss on
: this issue.

++++You have that ability to chop Assyrians off if they change religions...maybe there's a certain kind of clothing they should wear too? If your child becomes a she no longer your darling child? Are you that kind of true Christian? I am an Assyrian...I am willing to accept any damn religion an Assyrian wants to's part of my Heritage, we were like's the Jews who taught you to be exclusive and hate anyone who believes in a different religion.

+++If every Assyrian in the north turned'd lose all interest in them, the north, the fact you'd just as soon the entire country was blown up then...because to you there would be no more Assyrians.

++++This is love of Heritage? There are Assyrians all over just don't care about any of them who aren't Christians...that's all. Your interest is in Christians not Assyrians. Even though you sort of admit that religion is religion and ethnicity is ethnicity...the truth of it is that Assyrians are only of value to you if they are Christians...and their death and suffering only has meaning if they're killed by Muslims.

+++This is not only patent nonsense and blatant hypocrasy... it's just plain stupid.

: We have great respect for David and Sankho, as
: do most Assyrians. But they don't live
: there, they are there for a few months.
: AINA's contacts live there or have only
: recently relocated to Western countries.

++++Your contacts are people we know nothing expect us to take their word for everything, and yours...not because you are Assyrians...but you are Christians. How do you do we know, that their stories are true...why? because YOU think they are? You want to go to court and have people denounce you as a terrorist without having the chance to cross -examine? Should we take anyone's word when they play into our prejudices?

+++I recently tried to help a friend save his grown son from deportation back to Syria. he told me his son had been involved in minor things..was a good boy, an Assyrian and a devout Christian. Believing and wanting to believe, I asked a lawyer friend who specializes in these things to see if he could help. he told me that his experience in these kinds of cases is that every family thinks their boy is innocent, a good boy...that the authorities went too far...that they think we are Arabs and there isn't any justice for us in this climate etc.

+++I got a call a week later and sure enough the son had three serious felonies against him. he's still a good boy, still a Christian and an Assyrian...just as loved and just as worthy of love.,'s a cruel world and sometimes things happen.

++++You seize on everything you hear that suits your fancy...that you hope will prove what you desperately want to MAKE true.

++++In Iraq there is tension and fear and paranoia for everyone. Assyrians in Amerioca were arrested and thrown off of airplanes and some darkies were beaten and killed and churches burned America, a country as untouched by war as there has ever been...and THEY came unglued.

++++In this atmosphere I don't doubt that people over there are a bit pissed at Christians, especially those who seek sympathy in the West and look to interference on their behalf by the very people bombing and killing their children to come to the rescue of the co-religionists of the people doing the slaughtering.

+++If you don't understand that nothing will improve for your Christians until things improve for everyone...then you must be Christian a lot more than you are any kind of Assyrian.

+++You want the lot of Christians to improve, get this country to stop this least let them know you realize that nothing will improve till it does. Your fond and silly wish that this country, this government of all governments, cares anything about the suffering of the few Christians there...when it ignores its OWN people routinely is...well it's...downright Christian of you.

: The Kurds are getting better justice than
: Assyrians, but you are blind to that.

++++Are they really? They are being used by the Americans...they always find "freedom fighters" to prop up. Were they getting better justice when their people were gassed? What are you talking about?

: Assyrians who live there repeatedly tell us
: this. You want Assyrians to join in with the
: Muslims against the West, despite the
: injustices committed against Assyrians by
: Kurds and Arabs in Iraq. Let them treat
: Assyrians the same they do the Muslims and
: Assyrians will gladly join in the battle
: against any enemy of the general population.

+++++You don't know what you are talking about and make no sense...which is what comes from hiding out in here. No Muslims are attacking and bombing and starving Iraqis...Christians are! Does it strike you as so odd that the Muslims there would "dislike" Christians? Are you serious?

: It's amazing that you ignore the ongoing
: opression of Assyrian Christians, ongoing
: for 1400 years now. Your agenda is clear and
: it's not Assyrian.

+++Yours is aren'ty interested in Assyrians at're trying to revenge yourself on Muslims...blame them for losing "your" country, andf for the poor showing you guys have made in this Assyrians, NOT as Christians with jobs.

+++My agenda SHOULD be clear by now...I've made no secret of it. I am not Christian, Jew or Muslim...I am Assyrian, dedicated to improving our profile in this country in the belief that our children are going to need to see indications of life and pride and activity and culture and class among Assyrians one of the most sophisticated countries in the world. What is your agenda...extending King Sargon Block?

+++I work and write and sculpt and speak on behalf of Assyrians...NOT Christians!!!

Your views are tainted
: because you believe Muslim Iraqis are more
: Assyrian than Assyrian Christians.

+++No true...there are many Assyrians living quite nicely in Iraq...they certainly were before the US started this nonsense. Iraq had one of the highest standards of living in the was good for everybody. I've seen enough thick skulled Assyrians here to know how trying they can be...there are many I'd throw in jail if i could...who get thrown into jail in THIS country. You use them for YOUR haven't freed a single one the government didn't want to free...just like Father Akbulut...if you had any sense you'd understand that all you did was provide a showcase for the Turks to look good while we camwe across as lame as could be with our "hero"...from our martyr loving church...keeping his mouth shut like a good boy and going home, tail between his legs to never be heard from again. This WOULD be your kind of hero.

: effects all your views and so AINA can
: safely ignore you.

++++Why not...evertyone else is safely ignoring aina too. Did you guys feel you were in some danger from me?

: The people in the north are doing pretty well,
: but Assyrians are always getting the short
: end of the stick because the Kurds want to
: establish Kurdistan there and they view
: Assyrians as an obstacle

+++What kind of obstacles do Assyrians make...for chrissakes you guys are afraid to stand up or speak out HERE, in THIS democracy!!! Kurds and any Muslim with any sense is justifiably suspicious of any Christians...remember that starving children and saying you are doing it as a desirable policy, is a new and despicable aspect of "Christian Mercy". CHRISTIANS are afraid of other Christians...why wouldn't Muslims be?

+++It has nothing to do with being can see that there are lots and lots of Assyrians in Iraq...they just don't count to you because they aren't of the Jewish/Christian faith. Jesus was a Jew...he knew he was...he said he was a good Jew...his followers were all Jews, his mother, father, sister, brothers were all Jews...and there wasn't anything BUT Jews following Christ during his brief lifetime and for almost 100 years after...and at the time that infamous Assyrian king asked Jesus to come save him...he was inviting a Jew to come...and he converted us to a brand of Judaisim. So perhaps your being a Christian is only a play on words...maybe you are Jews and THAT'S why you support Israel with what counts...the money to kill Muslims and destroy BetNahrain. This is being Assyrian???

and the oppression
: ensues. This is the battle ground for now,
: you are wasting your energy and ours.

++++What battleground...where are you fighting anything? You guys jump out of your skins every time a door slams. ALL the people there are suffering. Is it possible for 90% of the people of Chicago to suffer starvation and murder while the other 10% are fine and dandy? Do you guys think at all?

: Yes they have, you haven't even looked into
: it, because your agenda doesn't care about
: what AINA has accomplished.

+++++I don't know what agenda you think you mean. I'll give you whatever accomplishments you want...I just believe that in your determination to avenge yourselves on Muslims...on the pretext that you are thereby making life more secure for the Christians OF THE NORTH...while ignoring the plight of Christians in the south and Assyrians of whatever faith in the entire country...doesn't indicate to me any interest in the country as a whole, its treasures, antiquities, resources, air and water OR its Assyrians...just the few Christians remaining.

: Just because there isn't an all-out massacre
: of Assyrians in the north, that doesn't mean
: that the battle is over. With the injustices
: being committed against Assyrians by Kurds,
: the battle has to continue.

+++You aren't battling a damn hope to get the US to fight all Muslims for can't even stand up for yourselves here in America...and you're going to go fight Kurds??? You wish! Injustices are being committed against Assyrians right here...right under your noses...and you can't do a thing about it. In is your impotance that makes you rail on where it's safest.

: You don't know anyone there except a couple of
: Assyrians doing some good work for a short
: time. AINA has several contacts who live
: there. You need to do your homework and not
: turn a blind-eye to Kurdish persecution of
: Assyrians.

+++No one in the world is doing more damage to Assyrian Christians and all Assyrians over there than the Americans and one. No one has killed over 600,000 Iraqi children in 13 years than these same Christians. Come on...get real.

Then and only then will you
: realize the good work AINA is doing for
: Assyrians in the north.

+++Name one thing.

: Raman

-- panch
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