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Posted by Julia from ( on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 at 8:23AM :

In Reply to: Re: statistical discrimination posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 at 7:24PM :

: I don't discriminate against any one. My best friend was a Black, Lesbian Jew.

: You like your status quo...I don't.
>> I don't "like my status quo." I like having a balanced approach to bringing about changes. I like weighing both sides and taking an informed approach to things. I'm not the kind of person to cry revolution or decapitation or to point to millions as evil and millions as oppressed.

Christianity is supposed to be about humility and servitude. It's supposed to be loving your neighbor as yourself, and treating others as you want to be treated. If you don't like being enslaved yourself, how could you do that to others? Christianity is about forgiving others. It's about loving the unlovable, it's about recognizing that every single human being in this earth has dignity and worth because they are human, and because they were made in the image of God.

Christianity is not about a power trip to create nation states that fight to kill each other off and expand their domain. Christianity is a very simple religion of love for Jesus Christ. It's about service, love, and respect. And by's about loving ALL people, not just the weak and the poor.

Christians fail horribly at loving only certain kinds of people - they need to see that everyone deserves love and respect. with jesus christ one can start loving everyone, and treating everyone as if they are holy and made in god's image...

-- Julia
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