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Posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 at 2:24PM :

To Hadpar the Clown

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Written by Ghassan on 31 May 2001 02:42:11:


I've been reading your messages on Assyrian Forum about your abilities to inflict harm ..etc. on me, to which I have responded to yesterday. All my messages have been deleted by your sudden "today's lover, yesterday's arch enemy" Peter BeBasso (what a nice movie that would be about you two changing love-hate relationship).

In your posts, you have threatened to call my employer (and just what are you expecting them to do in your personal obsession with me?), you have also threatened to unleash some hidden campaign that "will utterly ruin me and make me "kabob"!!). You have also lied and concatenated some story about some Chaldean from San Diego who has bad mouthed me and told you about all the "evil things I've done"!!

You have mentioned my employer and claimed you have even been able to get the name of my supervisor. Through that statement, it's obvious that an unemployed individual like you have no idea how corporate America works as far as protecting the names of its employees let alone their supervisors, but then you can always impress the bankrupt followers of Assyrianism by your lies and super duper abilities. By the way, my employer has been notified about you.

As to the story of the Chaldean from San Diego whom you claim has come and talked to a filthy mouthed individual like you about me. Well, I have called a couple of people from San Diego, one of which was an attendant (part of a group) to the Assyrian (Nestorian) Convention of Los Angeles, and a prominent member of the Chaldean community in San Diego. His remarks were "this person is a damn liar. Who is this Chaldean who has talked against you? Why doesn't he give us his name? No Chaldean would bad mouth you, and even if there is one, we could bring you all the other 15,000 Chaldeans of San Diego to come up to your support. Ignore this person. I want you to take good care of yourself and remember your Chaldean people needs you. We don't want to lose you over this. Stay focused. Your Chaldean people will always stand up by you, when and if you want them."

I also called a prominent religious figure in San Diego. His remarks were even much stronger than the first Chaldean. He said and I quote "We the Chaldeans need people like you to stand up and speak for us. Every time you post something, draw the cross on your face and remember that Jesus Christ is with you. You're much bigger than those losers. God will always be with you so will your Chaldean people. March forward and may Jesus Christ, our Lord, protect you from all the evil ones. If you need help, call me and I will be more than happy to do anything to support you. Go with God's protection."

In Detroit, the reaction is slowly brewing up. It will involve much larger steps with bigger implications. Two Chaldean lawyers were more than happy to give their advice as to how to handle thugs like you. They assured me that, if and when you act upon your clowning words that the force of the law will be powerfully struck on you.

From now on, I have to watch out what I say to you publicly. All things will be on record. Anyway, I sure despise people who are so good in public chest thumbing and parading their supermen abilities of what they can do and how they'll do it?etc..etc.


-- Jeff
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