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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 at 9:21PM :

: hey Pancho, some of us do read your postings
: even when we do not agree with your way of
: thinking and especially with your attititude
: towards those that do not agree with you. I
: think you should listen to what Jesus Christ
: said in this respect, let me remind you: Why
: beholdest thou the mote that is in thy
: brother's eye, but cosiderest not the beam
: that is in thine own eye? Mathew 7:3

In the first place you have no way of knowing Jesus said that. It was written down by another Jew and brought to you courtesy of the you quote it in English.

In the second place...big deal. This is what I love about you talk about "love" and "goodness' like these things never existed on earth till you guys discovered them. I see less and less evidence of any love in and among Christians...hypocrasy isn't new either.

And when I've seen this pillar or tree stump in my own eye...what is that supposed to mean...that I wont therefore criticize anyone else ever again? Then tell the Church to shut it's doors till it zips its pants...if they can carry on with all their "imperfections" so can I.

This tawdry piece of advice handed down to you by goatherds 2000 years ago is hardly news. I have no problem discussing my shortcomings..and if you think criticizing others is an indication that I think I'm blameless...then you've been standing on your head too long.

What this is supposed to do is invalidate my criticism...go ahead and criticise me or yourself all you want to...anyone wanting to be immune from criticism would hardly write as I do...and would be cautious about revealing his name...who are you that you come criticizing me for criticizing you for not criticizing him.

Grown ups don't talk like this...finding fault is one thing...I'm not saying execute people who do wrong...I ain't Christian...I'm just pointing things out..thank god no one took this advice seriously or we'd still be eating raw meat in a cave somewhere cause who was perfect back then and dared to suggest there was a better way?

Silly but fitting.

-- panch
-- signature .

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