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Posted by panch from pool0106.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 at 9:53PM :

...that I usually get banned at aina right after the Tleeqa fellow posts an answer...that way it appears to people that I can't think of a thing to say to him...though they must know better by now.

I sense a real split between those who want to bash Muslims and use us as the excuse to do so...and those who are beginning to think it's time we got out of our Diapers. It's funny...they feel so strongly...as they keep saying...yet their only aim seems to be to get rid me and my writing. It isn't as if their goal is to move forward and challenge the ideas that they feel hold us down. So long as I'm not in their face...or theirs is buried in the sand at aina...there is no problem.

What's really amusing is the way Peter and Raman and the rest slam Muslim countries for their intolerance to dissent...even the spoken word...how they crticized Turkey for not allowing a Christian priest the freedom to tell the truth...yet behave like any Turk themselves the first chance they get...and they don't even have a COUNTRY to contend with...just fifteen people in their Diapers.

...so here's the one that got away...

: We have no other institutions...and
: to you boys, that's just fine. Where is our
: Department of Education...Ministry of
: Culture??? or any other...ALL we have is a
: church...even the Muslims have more
: diversity.

Back home, where 90%+ of our people live, we are not allowed to have a Department of Education, Ministry of Culture, or any other - thanks to your Muslims, who do have more diversity thank you very much.

+++It is thanks to your religion and the fact that you guys blew it centuries ago because you were confronted by a unified conquering Islam that ran you all over because true to tradition you guys were arguing among yourselves about which way Mar One turned on that famous road to Eddessa, or Jersey...and you're still at it splitting hairs while you give us all the splitting headache.

++++Assyrians who became Muslims now staff those institutions. How much leeway would you give Muslims in any Christian country you contolled? How much dissent do you allow among Assyrians right here?

++++Stop crying and earn something for a change. And where do you get 90%...and where do you get 20 years ago? Are you the measure of everything? Assyrians have been here longer than that and for all their successes here as individuals and American citizens...have made a dismal showing as Assyrians...look around.

Our people just got off the boat in the last 20 years fleeing from oppression, and you expect us to be on our feet already ??? And on the same level with our oppressors back home ???

++++What do you mean "on the same level as your opressors"? That's something you WANT? You want to emulate them in ANY way? I actually think that's exactly what you guys want...only you want to be in the Dictators seat. Like European Jews badly treated by Christians...you too picked up tricks of the trade from your opressors.

You amaze me sometimes. You shouldn't - but you do.

++++My luck....YOU don't surprise me at all...starting from the fact that you must be another hot shot Saddam is hunting for...when all along it is your mother's frying pan you are trying to avoid.

-- panch
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