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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 2:04AM :

I don't think I'm getting my idea across very well. Could you tell me what your goals are, and also how do you think they can be achieved?

+++glad to oblige. I want to fill a vacuum...provide a service no one else wants to...I want to rattle the cages holding this nation in its Diapers.

+++The best way I've found to achieve that is by asking questions no one thought to ask...or if they did, asked timidly and then droped the subject quickly when his mother got called whore for asking.

I see you want to challenge people to build muscle, but why?

++++That's up to them. At the least they can make better meatballs.

Imagine tommorow you built the muscle of everyone here and they all agreed with you. Now what?

+++That's your first error....I don't want anyone to agree with me, like me or hate me. That's not the issue. People have to do things for their own reasons, not mine.

From other messages, I've assumed you're against an Assyrian state

+++I'm against the idiotic notion that anyone is going to give us one...or that any of us would seriously consider moving there from Chicago. Even if they wanted to...the best way to do that is NOT to antagonize the millions of Muslims who live all around us there. I don't want another Israel in our future.

, against Assyrians spreading negative news (AINA)

+++Aina spreads tells half of a screwy them Aprim is a scholar...what more can one say?

, against any of the Jewish derived religions (especially Christianity, although a little tolerant of Islam),

+++I don't like religions that attack my own and vilify the very core and center of our greatness...I don't find our history of servitude and slaughter since we turned Christian to be a bright spot. I have no more love of Islam either...I just know that there are people of good will in all religions but the fundamentalists among all of them want to fight over trifles and will murder each others children to prove idiotic points...and are indistinguishable from each other.

against Jews (I think),

+++I admire the Jews greatly for many things and feel Christians have treated them abominably...including sendning them to fight Muslims when it was the Christians who tortured them and the Muslims who had been their best friends all those centuries Christians were murdering them for killing Christ...when the Romans, who became Christian...killed him.

against war (eg. USA vs Iraq), against Chaldean and Assyrian unity (based on your replies to Fred Aprim),

+++You really missed the boat if you think Aprim is for unity. He wants everyone to become him. His way is not the way of unity but annihilation. he asks Chaldeans to prove they are Chaldeans...when he has no proof that he's Assyrian...and no one ever asked him for any.

against reducing insults

++++People are polite on the surface, and do unspeakable things behind our backs. You know I'm up front because there isn't a thing I haven't said, or was shy to say...which is not the case with your "polite" ones.

and think Assyrians are stupid etc.

++++I'm Assyrian and I don't think Im stupid...I think I don't like stupid people. And when you come right down to it...all people are deserving of the same respect...if they command it.

I do notice a common theme is saving Assyrian lives.

Is your goal to stop anything that threatens Assyrian lives, or is it something else/more?

++++We need to make a serious overhaul...for far too long being Assyrian meant being next to nothing...we chased out anyone who might raise our expectations and the accomodate the weakest and the most backward...who in time became the only ones "proud" to be Assyrian.

+++You can't build on ruins the foundation and in time the rot just creeps upwards again. We're losing young people to accomodate antiquated ideas that never worked well anyway. The Old Ways wont go quietly...they never do...they have to be eased out.

+++We need a new definition and as David Chibo says, we have to realize that Assyria is a verb, not a noun.

-- panch
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