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Posted by Voices of Wisdom from ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 1:07PM :

In Reply to: Doctors Have Given Lina... posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 11:44AM :

***Why can't these people let her die in a dignifying way.

: ...not much time. Should we have a countdown? America loved it and Ted Koppel got his start during the Hostage crisis in Iran..."America held captive....." and each day they'd add another digit to the total count.

: We could do the same with Lina. From what I hear and the little I know from my own experience and those of others across the years, I'd say Lina can't last last 60 days.

: If she was sick enough for a transfusion, and if nothing has changed in her own chemistry, it can't be long before she needs another one. At $5000 a shot...the money they gathered for her surgery will be used up bit by bit just to keep transfusing her. That way they buy some time...though her organs are suffering in the meantime.

: In the end they'll have just bought time for nothing.

: How appropriate that this will happen during the martyr holiday celebration when all over the world Assyrians, Turyoyos and Volkswagons will gather together in solemn commemoration of the Assyrians killed by Muslims years ago.

: There are two sins...two legal issues also...of commission and ommission. If you kill someone...or stand by and allow it to're culpabale of something serious either way.

: No one is saying that any one or two of us has to do it alone. But if we can't even come together to form enough of a consensus to give to each of us a little of what we can't get alone...what's the point?

: If we could put down the knives we've sharpened to gut each other with...and began forming alliances across all boundaries...think of the great rush of thrilling emotions we'd feel when the call went out for twenty dollars from each Assyrian...and in a week...with all the means of instant communication we have at our disposal...enough money could be gathered to pay for Lina's surgery.

: Let's begin a countdown...starting at 60 days....and see how accurate we can be. Let's at least play with our lives if we can't save them.

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