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Posted by panch from pool0106.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 6:41PM :

It's greusome I know. It will make people not want to come here...so what. What good does coming here do for anything? You really need "news" to tell you we're in trouble...or keep you weeping impotently for Simele?

What if all the people who were killed in Simele came back to life and had cancer and needed an operation to save their "dear" lives...exactly...they could go to hell for all we'd do for them.

As President Andrew Jackson said when he led the ethnic cleansing terror armies of the United States before being elected..."The only good Assyrian is a dead Assyrian."

We are an ugly truth. But let's at least stop fooling ourselves. Again, no one is saying or waiting for any one of you to get so distraught that you'll mortgage your home and pay for the whole thing...that gets us nowhere, though it would save this child. But it's another short end stop gap...and we don't have many of those kinds of people...if any.

The problem is that all these Cannibals and Hottentots and Toyotas and YoYos don't see how weak we all are like this...fighting over Simele while Assyria, in the form of one Assyrian girl, dies right before our noses.

Lina is dead...for all practical purposes her brief life is over...like those Iraqi children we can write off for the next two generations, no matter how "cute" and adorable they are in their new school uniforms( Julia...buy a ticket and take a plane straight to hell). their lives are being lived on a razor's edge, like any non-American, uninsured Assyrian kid in Syria, OR America.

We wont do our simple duty by the Assyrians who are alive today...waiting to be "saved"...because for one thing it diminishes the traffic in martyrs. Yes, it IS true...you'd all far rather stay small minded because that's our only chance to be "great". I know it seems paradoxical, but that's because we are a paradox. each person wants Assyria to remain small minded enough so he or she can be "great" in it.

To have real recognition, to get grants, to get aid from Congress and corporations would make most os feel like we were being squeezed out of Assyria,,,as too many posts at aina make people feel unwelcome and left out. And if we have to pay the price of a girl's life lost here or there for a mere pittance gathered from a handful of Assyrians for our "NATION", then so be it...if it keeps Assyria a place we can effortlessly live in.

Better we not hurt Assyria's feelings by telling it the truth, better that than making of Assyria the kind of place that can finally support a class system in which most of our leaders and many of our followers would find themselves in a lower class where they belong right now ..when do you people have enough dead to show God you too can play the sacrificing of the innocents game?

the Jews never beat us on the battlefield or in the Arts of Civilization...they got into our heads and set us against ourselves.

We could...we surely could...create that database of people willing to trust twenty bucks a year into a fund administered by several honest and decent Assyrians we know...none of them with the churches please...we could call it "Mad Money"..an amount you're willing to throw away, if it should come to that...like you do on lottery tickets...call it a lottery for Assyrian children facing death..preventable untimely death...is that worth anything?

You'll never lose.

-- panch
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