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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 9:24PM :

In Reply to: Re: August 7th posted by Voices of Wisdom from ( on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 4:12PM :

: Is it a crime to remind ourselves about our Our People Massacre?

+++Most definitely..if it's used as a drug or an enema. Every people have suffered...they don't make an institution out of doesn't become the biggest most solemn event in their lives. It is a crime inflicted on our younger generations to claim we want them to remember...while we give them no hope that we will do anything positive in their lifetime worth remembering.

+++This unholy alliance we've formed with extremist Muslims to provide us with an excuse for being "so poor and miserable"...reaching back into our archives when not enough is going on right a death in provides a flushing out of our systems once a year...or whenever someone wants to know why we insist on remaining crippled, as if forever caught in history waiting to be put out of our misery by some butcher's knife somewhere...when we are our one and only true enemy in the modern era...and especially in those advanced countries whose resources we could use to benefit us now...not just to spread the word about the latest injustice or ancient injury. is a crime.

: A rape victim will remember their experience for the rest of their lives. You can ask around. How do you expect us to forget.

++++There is remembering and there is remembering. You can remember a humiliation or defeat and use that to remind yourself to never be willfully careless again...or how to re-order your life so you stand a better chance next your children will learn to protect themselves as well, not repeat your mistake... yet not be afraid to go out at night...or daytime, as in our case and yours where you have to hide your name.

++++Then there is the kind of remembering T.E. Lawrence indulged in...recalling his humiliating gang rape at the hands of Turkish soldiers when he was captured at Deraa. Once a year on the anniversary of that date he would whip himself till he drew a punishment. For what? For being overcome...or for liking it?

+++In the absense of anything life affirming, this "memory" of a rape becomes an indulgence...and excuse to justify a crippling event that you feel somehow guilty for...or for some other reason don't want to forget...because the memory is allowed to overshadow everything else...because you are afraid of trying...and failing...which might mean you deserved what happened to you...that you failed even then to save your children, your honor ...a professional Cripple really can't be held responsible for failing to protect all that was worthy or dear We are institutionalizing failure as the legacy and future for our Heritage.

+++That's why we embrace mediocrity, as Assyrians...or ignore being Assyrian entirely if we are competant in other areas...just to forget the humiliation we've made of this most noble heritage.

+++You wont run much of a race if you keep re-visiting an old leg injury...or some defeat and crying all over again each time you remember it. You really want to run a good race'll learn what lessons you can quickly, then you'll put it behind you...any benefit that will come from it will come quickly, or not at all. We keep re-visiting the injury...and think we've done something for our future...have we?

+++When you fall from a horse you're advised to quickly get back on before the fear and the memory of the pain set in and become a permanent part of your psyche. When an Assyrian falls from a horse we enshrine the an altar to it and worship the memory of the event and the spot where it happened. Our priests and leaders from that moment on caution us and remind us each time we think of doing something like that again, that we fell once. And we walk from then on.

: Can we forget/forgive to what is happening in Iraq?

++++Of course we can...we have to. They are able to do it...and they are hurting right now. Vietnam forgave the United States...the Blacks of South Africa forgave their opressors...what makes us think our case is so special...I'll tell you is job security for our priests and a ready made excuse for our we'll never risk a thing again so they can lead us by the nose to nowhere with not too much effort on their parts...after all, they have serious things to attend REMEMBERING.

: Can we forget/forgive what corporate greed is doing to our planet?

++++That's a different matter because it's an ongoiung threat to all of us. Which is what doing nothing for our Heritage is for is as disasterous to us as Greed is to the planet. But the greed and the crimes of 200 years ago are over and done with...learn from them if you can...the evidence that you benefitted at all will show up in what you do differently. At aina they haven't forgotten a thing, and they haven'ty learned anything either. They are once again hiding behind Western Christian skirts and taunting the people who hold our country in their hands. And they'll get the same...only they don't mind because they're safe in Chicago...may they rot there.

: How do you forget?

++++I never will. I just wont let it become the only Heritage my children will ever I have to explain to them how Assyrians can treat their artists so...their children so...leave them to die of cancer or starvation or cultural neglect without doing a thing...except add them to a list of ":memories"...and then wail....." OH, HOW CAN YOU FORGET"???

+++If it's really all that painful to have these memories...STOP creating so many new bad ones! WE are ther enemy this time...that's what pissing and moaning will eventuallly get you.


-- panch
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