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Posted by Julia from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 12:59PM :

In Reply to: I'll Be damned.... posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 11:14AM :

: I read in the paper that UC Berkeley is setting up a chair of Islamic Studies and got the funds to hire two or three professors. The article stated that there was alway an interest in Islamic studies but untill 9/11 it was seen as a luxury item... not now, increasingly, Americans want to understand and learn about it for themselves.

: How do you like them apples!!! reminds me of the Peter Seller's film, "The Mouse That Roared" about an obscure and poverty stricken European kingdom that decides the best way out of its financial troubles is to declare war on the United States...and lose.

: The same day aina closes itself off some more...A major American University declares its intention to open up to Islam by studying the subject in a full university setting. Funds will pour in from wealthy Muslims around the world...a library can't be far away and scholarships and symposia...all the trappings of academia will be enlisted to the benefit of Islam, and the rest of us.

: ...and Assyrians? No one knows we exist, not even enough to persecute us...we're just lumped into the "other" category...the refuse you sweep up at the end of an era.

: Oh the irony of it. We get Aprim...Islam gets the University of California. Islam wins for itself a place inside one of the most prestigious Universities in the world...I can't get an Assyrian monument installed on the grounds of a University.

: No doubt they'll mount a protest over at aina...send letters of indignation to the administration at the University full of the "truth" about Islam...and "facts" to confound them all with.

: Oh Dear Ashur...what an uphill battle against ourselves you've given us.
>> I am glad they have a center for islamic studies! that's great. Even though studying religion is a joke to a lot of college people (what is religion compared to biochem?) i think it is great to have that in Berkely....i think cambridge has a similar center.

-- Julia
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