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Posted by Hi Shawn from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 11:52PM :

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Re: Shall Lina Nissan Perish?

Posted By: Tiglath <> (
Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2002, at 11:11 a.m.

In Response To: Shall Lina Nissan Perish? (pancho)

For Ashur's sake, what are we doing?

Are we going to let Lina die because we are so apathetic to the plight of our own people?

Are we going to pretend to cry when they uncover her face at the funeral?

I know that some amongest you are active and work for our people...but as for he rest of you where are you all? Snd what are you doing for our people?

Our Assyrian-Americans live in the most affluent country on earth...there must be dozens of ways of getting a free operation for Lina....dozens of church and charity groups......but our people are so apathetic that they're prepared to let her die.

Well I for one will not accept it.

I apologise in advance if this embarrasses you but I will talk to the AAS-Iraq branch and use Ashur-TV and Ashur-Radio in North Iraq to request that the people in North Iraq make donations for Lina. the way.....most of our people here live day to day use ration cards supplied by the UN Oil-For-Food programme and are lucky to eat meat once a month!

Yet I am positive that most will donate a couple of dinars in order to help Lina live.

Assyria is a verb not a noun and Lina will be saved by the true Assyrians from North Iraq.

Originally posted by Tigger... aka Tiggy... aka Tiglath.

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