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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 9:17AM :

Two great thinkers. One said, "those who ignore history risk repeating it"...the other said,"I just know and you don't".

Heard in the news about the tribal elders who sodomized the young boy they accused of having an affair with a grown woman in Pakistan...then completed the "punishment" by gang raping the boy's sister.

This will be trumpeted around as typical of Islam...while any number of Priests who've been sodomizing boys for years, not in tribal lands in Pakistan but in New York and Boston and Los Angeles here in America... with the tacit approval of their Bishops in some cases...are an aberration, an exception. Tribal elders in the most backward of backwaters will be held to the highest standards while Catholic priests in this country, all "highly educated" will get a pass...or rather their religion will.

These kinds of silly tricks our patrots play keep us stupid as any tribe in Pakistan...or Chicago. We're supposed to maintain the hatred for Islam we were taught over in this country, so we can remain as backward and crippled here as we say we were forced to be back home. We carry our own opression around with us wherever we go...if we are true and loyal Assyrians that is. That's aina's keep us in a marty'rs and a victim's state of mind forever. That's why they cheer the destruction of Iraq...and dredge up the dismal past...trying to make it our Present and our Future too...meanwhile doing nothing about anything except protesting their fool heads off too while they demand this and that be given to them.

Here are some excerpts from Lord Kinross' book, "The Ottoman Centuries"...maybe you'd heard these things, I surely hadn't...and wasn't likely to either from these Hysterians of ours.

"...the Ottoman state was above all else a universal empire. The wide span of its rule was so all-embracing as to cover, in its contrasting cities and plains, river valleys, mountains and deserts, countless disparate racial. social, and especially religious communities. For long the Byzantine Empire had been fatally torn by religious strife between Catholic and Orthodox, Latin and Greek, Pope and Emperor. With the Fall of Constantinople it was the Ottoman conqueror who, for all his allien faith and culture, restored order and peace to Orthodox Christendom, serving not merely as its master but as its avowed and active protector, leading its devotees to prefer the rule of the Moslem Padishah to the 'thralldom of a Latin Pope'. For the the minority populations were formed, through a degree of delegation from the central authority, into separate ethnical, social, and religious communities, all free to direct, within the framework of the state, their own especial affairs, and to preserve in harmonious coexistence their respective identities."

"Here, thanks to the enlightened system of the Ottoman invader, was the long sought restoration of Orthodox Christian society. The Greek Oecumenical Patriarch, with implied ascendancy over other Orthodox churches, came nearer to universal religious authority under the Ottoman than ever under the Byzantine Empire...Just such a tradition, which had likewise prevailed throughout Islam, was now inherited and turned to practical account by the family of Osman. His became in no sense a national but a dynastic and multi-racial empire, whose varied populations, whether Turkish, or otherwise, Moslem or Christian or Jewish, were above all else Ottomans, members of a single body politic which transcended such conceptions as nationhood, religion, and race. Alone in its time it thus gave recognition to all three monotheistic faiths."

That's on a good day of course. Backward elements were at work in each religion to sow revert to "true" and therefore belligerant attitudes about the supremacy of one over another. When the time came, as any empire eventually crumbles, outside forces used religion as a wedge...and though only a minority were moved to open revolt...under those circumstances with several enemies at the gates...all suffered.

Try to explain any of this to our Hysterians and patrots...or clergy. They are serving their purposes by keeping us on our knees crying, filled with hate...which makes us apathetic and paralyzed with fear and a sense of our own eternal and inescapable victimhood. Believing the things these people tell us keeps us stupid...there is no polite way to say it.

-- panch
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