Ending "terrism"

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Posted by panch from pool0185.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 10:49AM :

(For a second there I thought aina just had virus problems...I was able to post a couple of times. Then the same old dreary "You Can't Submit" flashed on the screen...oh well.)

First of all, clean up the language. Terror is a buz z word. Jest because people are "terrified" doesn't mean there is any Terror going around. People are terrified of lots of things...of spiders. It doesn't make bugs terrorists. All those "communists", weren't Comminists either. They were poor, landless peasants, most of them being worked to death by people in cahoots with the Christian churches. They hardly understood Marxism...I can't make any sense of it...except I know it "terrorized" capitalists and Robber Barons like Bush.

After we've cleaned up the language...we can see that what we call Terrorists are merely human beings driven to distraction as they see the world wail about the injustice done to Jews, by Christians...and watch in amazement as the world says nothing while Christians use Jews to commit unspeakable and illegal and universally condemned and UN sanctioned crimes against Muslim AND Christian Palestinians who never did a thing to Muslims to even begin with that would compare to what those same Christians did to the Jews...the same Christian religion that is now the "friend" of the Jews and Israel's soon to be only friend and supporter. This could make people a little crazy, no?

Then you force a settlement on both sides..that's right, you FORCE it. And most of the people on both sides will thank you for it. Make it as fair as you can...with the UN participating FREELY and without being bullied by the US...and make it stick...which is easy cause we hold the purse strings anyway and this myth of Jews running the country will be shown up for what it is...one more in a long line of myths about Jewish supremacy and control etc.

The people on both sides who still want to argue about it can be put in a stadium together to kill each other, and not the innocent children on either side. The ones left over can be drowned with no loss to anyone.

Then you get our military out of the Mideast and let those people go back to liking and respecting us...as they always wanted to do and tried to do. then you encourage technology to replace the infernal combustion engine which is an antiquated bit of machinery that hasn't changed much since it was invented...because the more petroleum the more profits for a few and the greater devastation to us all. then you take all the Oil Barons parading around as politicians and patriots and you strip them of all their Oil holdings...you increase, not decrease fuel efficiency...and you get us working like crazy to refine solar and wind power and expand meaningful public transit, instead of looking for new worlds to ruin in outer space.

In the meantime you pay a fair price for the oil we have to buy...stop demonizing Muslims so you can rob them with a free conscience...and trim the profits that go to the CEO's while the rest of pay through our noses, convinced by their media that we have to rob the rest of the planet so we can maintain what really amounts to a very modest to poor standard of living for the vast majority of us, who have to make do with dreams of cashing in on a lottery somewhere.

90% of American families are one pay check or one illnes away from ruin. This life style as we call it, hardly requires the amount of harm we bring to the planet in order to support it. Instead the theft and mayhem and de-stablizing visited on the Third World is practised in order to fund those golden parachutes and stock options and salaries and corporate profits for a few people unscrupulous enough to screw their own American people any time they can make another dime.
Enron is America now.

-- panch
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