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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 12:04PM :

...it explains a lot. Tleeqa says by way of explanation for our dismal condition here that they've only just gotten off the boat in the last twenty years. And he's right.

These thingies are for the most part maintained by those who just got here and are as pleased as can be that they can speak "freely". naturally that means behaving like "free" Turks, and banning what they don't like in turn. It isn't that anything was learned or gained by coming here and leaving Turkey and Syria and Iraq...excpet that they can now play tyrant here and spread their own brand of dis-information and hate filled prejudice to counter what they'd been subjected to all those years, before they got on them boats and brought Turkey over here with them.

The Assyrians who came years and years ago have either run screaming in the night, have assimilated totally, changed their names (ahem)...become too apathetic to do much of anything...or sit around wringing their hands in dismay. This new breed that just got off the boat is eager to fill the vacuum...to become our Assyrian Patriots and Hysterians and Journalists and what nots.

It is their skewed version of history learned at some cleric's knee, their memory of having suffered for being Christian...like no one else in the world suffers...their sense of wounded pride and entitlement...that, as Peter says, those are OUR lands..this carrying over of the memories and hatreds and resentments and offended sensibilities to this New World, they want to re-create the Old one in, that drives their "world-view"...and it ain't a pretty sight.

They actually still believe that here in America they will incite sympathy by repeating their shop worn tales of woe and death and destruction...like going to a butcher and pleading your case as a "special" sheep. This is why we have this dismal recitation of all the bad things that ever happened to us...and the inducement and the lavish praise to continue scraping our wounds raw and their equally set determination not to actively support any eforts to get us out of Diapers and ESPECIALLY why they will back no serious move to get us off that damn Block.

We are supposed to stay pathetic objects of pity...forever crippled by our recent past...unable to do a damn thing for ourselves....in hopes that we can get even MORE of that that "help" we NEVER got...the help these guys expected from the Brits and other Christian powers, as false as they may be...who had the guns and the guts and the bloodlust to do what we couldn't do for ourselves because we are "true" Christians.

That's why I'm now banned by them all. I didn't just come over on a boat...I put my family's suffering behind me because I want to end that cycle...to give us the guts we need to begin to fight and claw our way up out of the dismal grave these guys want us to make our homes in and make nurseries of for our babies.

No wonder.

-- pancho
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