Aprim In The Land of Dykes

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 12:22PM :

Hell, I could have told you this. No need for you to risk a nosebleed to find it out.

BUT...and it is a big butt...this in no way proves that YOU are in any way related to those people. For all any of us know, you are a Chaldean who got swollowed up in Assyria.

Or...and this is your biggest fear...which I don't have to worry about...you could just be a Christian Arab, or Turk, or Syrian...or Hottentot for that matter.

I realize you think this proves there can't be any Chaldeans, cause they all got swallowed up...well, should you ever have any children...I guarantee you they'll get "swallowed up" by America and that, as they say, will be the end of that.

This dismal and dreary legacy you guys are bound and determined to make our future here in America...where you can't seem to get Turkey out of your heads...will inspire no one...no young people... who will find far more compelling things in being American...or Afro and Latin, for that matter, than they ever will in carrying on in "your" footsteps.

You guys are marching straight backwards. The good news is, you will turn off and turn away any sane kid born over here. That leaves it for us Assyrians who didn't just get of a boat to produce a culture worthy of the name..and not this silly exercize to "prove" you are a this and not a that.

You were offended by the ways you were treated by Muslims you considered inferior to you...who had stolen "your" lands. And you were right to be offended, considering the levels of society you managed to live in back there....the same low levels of Christians in this country who can't tell a mosque from a Volkswagon.

But that isn't a "National Question"...the answer to which will provide anything meaningful for our Heritage here and now. Have a safe trip back and DON'T insult anyone!

-- pancho
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