On Pagans and Infidels

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Posted by panch from pool0582.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 1:29PM :

Don't mean to run this into the ground but I read in the paper where a Lutheran Bishop, the equivalent of one in their church, was censured and de-Bishoped by the higher clergy for participating in a ritual with pagans and infidels. This ritual was a joint prayer meeting with Rabbis and Mullahs...an interfaith ceremony the Church makes sound like a meeting by moonlight to dance around a cauldron.

The guy had received official permission to attend by the higher powers...who then reversed themselves and said, "so what"? said he was still responsible for his personal acts... Huh?

Anyway the grand council of the village elders of Lutheranism are going to convene a hearing into this grave miscarriage of Christian precepts...trying to get along with others who also believe in one god...just not yours. It isn't clear if they'll exxonerate the fellow or eat him.

And this is 2002 in aadvanced and Christian nation. In the 1890's in Istanbul, according to Kinross...Jews, Christians and Mulsims gathered together and recited EACH OTHER'S PRAYERS...that is their clergy led the way.

My point is that all of this should have nothing to do with us as Assyrians. If Christianity indeed saved us back then...let's treat it as we would any life preserver once we reach dry land...put it down and start walking.

-- panch
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