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Posted by panch from pool0347.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 5:32PM :

In the news they have another expert solemnly telling us that we waited "too long" in the case of the Taliban and Al Quaeda...so we should take steps earlier...and he goes on to say, there is "credible" evidence that there are cells now operating in Lebanon where these little guys are training right NOW! Of course by now no one wants to stop and ask a question...just bomb anyone you need to, and more importantly...learn to lose sympathy for the Lebanese people, or ANYONE accused on "credible" evidence", of harboring these damn "Terrists".

If we were smart, the government I mean...we'd branch out from Iraq...hire some "cells" to set up shop in any country we needed them in...then have them blow up a supermarket, or get a string of traffic tickets...have a special report on some Madrasseh of Terror, the CIA would fund...then expose the whole thing and demand the authorities there become our agents by instituting the things we demand they do to prove they are on "our" side...knowing damn well that moderate Muslims will be pushed out of shape and into extremist Muslims...or just enough of them will to scare the holy Constitution even further out of us.

They've done it before...with them awful Communists.

And now they've found American Muslims...yeah right, from the Mosque in Langley...who are suggesting that their Musim brothers and siisters in America, to show their good will and patriotism by... I kid you not... flying over to Egypt and Jordan and Arabia at this government's expense...to tell their brethren how KIND and GOOD this American administration is.

Now I wonder how they'll be greeted? And if they refuse outright? Are they "good" Americans....hhhmmm?

This is what this country does so well...attracts foreigners because it needs them to work here...for less when possible...and getting them to become "Americans"...BUT...on the condition that they become willing to turn on their home countries and people. Clever.

Come on...you can't really be buying this stuff??? And of course we'll blame the Jews when it's not the Jews at all...this is American white Christian oily business.

-- panch
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