How Scared Can You Get?

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 9:55AM :

You realize yu can't get to the message board at aina from any Kinkos here in California? That means anyone trying it, not just me.

It can't be fear alone that prompted it. I think they feel compelled to silence the opposition...or rather any opposing voice.

Didn't they just complain about that in Turkey? In Turkey of ALL PLACES...where they found fault with the government...and here they are with their piss ass forum, set up in a Democrcay, and they're doing the same thing...which is worse when you consider everything.

It's more of this chauvinism that says my crimes are fine because they're mine...and I know I am a good guy....but you...are wrong, because I know you are a bad guy.

What have I said recently that prompted this? I wonder. Could it be an attempt at a more balanced look at their claims of inherent Turkish/Muslim nastiness, while yet ignoring US nastiness? Is it the attempt to make humans of Muslims, and knock Christians off their insist there is no difference between all these children born to competing "teams"...that we HAVE to indoctrinate them, force them to choose sides then kill them and each other?

I never said the Turks weren't guilty of matter the provocation. But which country isn't...when it feels it's fighting for its life? Is the United States REALLY in danger from a bunch of Muslim extremists it did more than anyone to help create in the first place? Didn't it help create Timothy McVeigh? Who's attacking all white males with crew cuts? Come on...there is enough guilt to go around, that's why it just has to one wins in an "I'm less a killer than you" contest. Since it wont just stop...I'm going to at least see it for what it is...murder most foul committed by us all.

Should the insanity just continue? Has it ever benefitted anyone for the long term?

Are we likely to find another planet to inhabit...will we act any differently up there...wont aina just go to Mars with the same dismal format?

-- pancho
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