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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 9:17PM :

..Try your hardest to resist this latest effort at's as if hundreds of people, officials and what not had been waiting for years, for come out and warn us about all the people they've hated all along. It's the Salem Witch trials all over again...the McCarthy Hearings...the House Un-American Activities Commitee all over again...

No one wants to remember simple things...verifiable as hell...Johnson lied to get us into a war...why do you suppose he did that? Who's lying to us now? Why would America declare war on thousands, millions of landless peasants in Latin America and Asia for years...killing them by the truckload full, then proping up a series of strong arm men to do it for them...the dregs of the dregs?

For heaven's sake how did a bunch of Muslims become this all powerful threat to the "greatest" nation that ever lived? Try to keep a cool's only just's going to be made a part of our daily lives for the next generation at least...and they'll save us from's the Religious Right in this country that's been the "enemy", if you want to think of enemies...they're the ones who've burrowed deep under our civil laws because their morality has been "outraged"...when there is no morality to them at all...they've simply used abortion rights and God in school and their fear of godless communism and godless Arabism to get into office's the same people who robbed millions of Islanders and natives of their patrimony, their virginity, their lands and labor and lives...all in the guise of saving their souls...when it was power and money and more power they wanted because Puritans believe that when they are rich and successful here on earth it is the BEST evidence they have that their CEO of a god loves them and favors them and has chosen them to be the "elect" who shall gain heaven while the rest of us losers...quite literally losers...will brun in perdition.

yes...they really DO believe it. Our only protection is under the Law...not God's law but Man's Law...when it's as good as this US Constitution we've got that was the culmination of years of bitter experience of warring religious factions in Europe...among the bloodiest and inhumane people and wars that ever were...all under the name of ONE insane deity who deserved his followers.

People ran over here...and they didn't come to create a free society, far from it...women and Blacks and chldren were slaves...religious tolerance was NOT the rule. For the most part they behaved like our own Assrins who bring Turkey with them when they get off the boat and set abound practising the same dismal policies they escaped from.

It's human nature...can't be helped...and yet, and yet...there was something, a seed of an idea that future generations built in light of the vast Mountains and plains and the blue skies and the rivers...the open places and open vistas that freed something in these hidebound Puritans...and they softened up ever so slightly...but it was enough because it doesn't take much when you're as up-tight as they were...

More than just the Constitution there is a shraed experience in this country...we almost stumbled on it by accident...that comes maybe from just having lots of room to swing your arms around in...maybe that's what it takes to free the mind and soul just a little. And now we're being once more shut up into an old and gloomy New England church complete with ghosts in the attic and creaking floors...brought to us courtesy of that same god who terrified and drove insane the people of Europe for all of those Dark and dreary ages.


-- panch
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