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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 10:02PM :

"Jay" says....

America is killing the muslim-extremists. The muslims are killing Assyrians.

+++++No. Muslims are not killing any Assyrians. It is your Christians of the West, the same ones you hope will save you, this time...who are doing the killing. My Ashur...what you guys would have said if Muslims had been starving Christian children for 13 years...what heaps of vile insults you would have dumped on their heads, on their "murderou" religion...and how quiet you are about it when Christians do the killing.

+++And once again it wasn't because of us, or you, that north Iraq is the only place in all of Iraq where you guys are willing to recognize or "love" the Assyrian population, it was America that drew that line and it is the Kurds they gave the government "care" about them because that's the only place in the country where you can HOPE and PRAY for atrocities to be committed by ANY Muslim...and why you act as if the jailing of a Christian or two, and god forbid, the cancellation of any permits to build a church, is more important than the systematic starvation of Iraqi children by the thousands...among whom YOU see no Assyrian children...because 600,000 of them have been killed by Christians....while you hunt like mad for ONE Assyrian arrested in the north...because Muslims have the power over us there...while Christians have the power over us everywhere else in Iraq.

+++Had the United States decided to back the Muslims in the south, instead of the north...had they made a southern "no fly" would be blubbering all over yourselves for the "dear and poor" Assyrians of the south and say nothing about the ones in the north. It isn't Assyrians you guys care about at just hate hate driven and shallow and mean as any Muslim fanatic on the other side.

+++you can see what their motives are...why they labor like gnats to keep me was never the swear's because their cover is blown and they find it harder and harder to keep up the old game, and why I can't even view what they place on aina...that's why they have to answer and come up with these lame explanations where I can't get to them...why they wont come here, or go anywhere to discuss openly because it's too easy to poke holes in them..the best they can hope for is to plant these ideas in the minds of younger, uncritical people among us and in general...that's why the church is so heavily involved with all of them...and why they DON'T WANT our Heritage out in the be seen and discussed and studied and known...because many more people, non-Assyrians as well will listen to these ridiculous "facts"...and compare and question... and they'll know...they'll KNOW.

Can you see the difference. If you kill Assyrians, thats bad panch, if you kill arabs-the english-kurds-jews, non-assyrians, it doesn't matter beacause if your arab/english/kurdish/jewish than your not Assyrian.

++++This is their mantra..that to be Assyrian at HAVE to be Christian...and "their" kind of Christian and "his" kind of Christian, and "her kind of Christian, and "your" kind of Christian, and THIS region's kind of Christian but not THAT region's kind of Christian. These are the same squabbles these guys have been having, not for a year or fifty, but for hundreds of years...while our heritage languishes between them and we get so disgusted with them all, as CHRISTIANS, that we think being Assyrian has to be as silly and ugly and futile. This is the poison they've been spewing for years now...shouting down anyone who tries to be moderate and thoughtful and fair...these are Christian Fundamentalists..nothing more...who give not a damn for the Assyrian Heritage...who even agree with Dr. Ross...that our ancestors were cruel pagans...that we only became worthy of human consideration when we turned Christian...and it is their hatred for Muslims that drives their "Assyrianism".

Then there are people like Peter and "Ross" as well, who aren't devout Christians at all but believe by using this argument...supporting the Christians in their "unity"...a unity that is only intended to bring all of our hate against Muslims together to channel it into one grand HATRED...these guys and many others support the Christians because they believe it's their best shot at getting back at the Muslims...maybe even "being given" THEIR country again, and they could care less what their idiocies, all of them unified into one great big fat Idiocy, will do to the Assyrians, Christian or not, stuck back there who will be the ones to pay the price...not the ones in Chicago...who will STILL profit because they'll have even MORE murdered Christians to transform into martyrs so the old hatred can continue into this century and the next...should there be anyone left willing to say he or she is Assyrian.

They have made a mockery of being Assyrian, made our children ashamed, prefering to act like Afro-Americans or Mexicans, or forget the whole thing entirely and run screaming in the night...the best example of all of them being the Ghassman who blows this way and blows that way, but blows all the time.

-- panch
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