Brigette Jones and the Kurds

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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, July 08, 2002 at 8:03AM :

Saw the movie last night. What was my surprise when they mentioned Kurds. A Kurd is facing deportation from England...he's married to a Brit. Our heroine's boyfriend to be happens to be his lawyer and gets Brigette an exclusive interview with the Kurd...who is odly enough named Kafir. That isn't a Kurdish sounding name and is in fact a derrogatory Brit slang word for "nigger"...a word they used to describe the Indian darkies.

Anyway the Kurd is described in the movie as a man whose been fighting for his people's rights for years...a humane and loving man...which is nicely implied when Brigette confesses, on air, to having a bit of a crush on this charming Kurd herself, after only one brief encounter...and the guy is shown in a most favorable light...his loving English wife gazing on her gentleman adoringly.

The rest of us can go whistle to Turlock and back...a movie comes out and gives the Kurds millions of dollars worth of free and positive publicity around the world and in several languages...come to think of it...who ever heard of Assyrians in Iraq???

Now you can all protest that this is a simplification, and you can post letters that are five years old. This means nothing to people...nothing compared to what they see and hear in a movie. Who you gonna protest to? The race doesn't go to the ones who complain, it goes to the swift.

While you protest to each other, the world runs away from us.

-- panch
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