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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, July 08, 2002 at 8:42AM :

: :( By the way "Jesus" strikes me as
: I don't understand your point here. Why are you
: using the name Jack for Jesus?
: As far as God being Born, you know better than
: that.

++++Because you wanted a less ethnic sounding name too...we none of us are particularly proud of who we are...for all our talk. As far as god being born, you're right...let's say "made up".

: I am all for the US boombing Saddam's military
: stations. I am against US bombing of
: civilians in Iraq and elsewhere.

++++They aren't bombing his military alone...everyone the world over knows that but you. They aren't keeping medicine and food away from his military...and those 600,000 children weren't soldiers...and it wont be only soldiers who suffer...soldiers are also fathers and sons and brothers and uncles and cousins...thery leave behind orphans and widows.

As far as
: CLAIMing to come from Assyria, for me it is
: not a matter of claim, it is a fact.

++++You have parked yourself on stolen land, in a country that also used to belong to someone else...and not 2000 years ago but only three hundred years ago. Descendants of those same people are still here, some of them have treaties signed by this government promising them lands they never got, and wont now. Are you willing to give your house back to them...the land was stolen from them?

+++Everyone steals land...everyone. That area is no longer Assyria...some day it may not be Iraq. Learn to live with it. You do live with it, for all your complaining.

On the
: other hand you 'CLAIM' to worship Ashur, but
: have not enlightened us of the nature of
: your faith.

+++It's a private thing...unlike your Jew inspired sect...where you guys spread yourselves all over us. You know someone has the faith by how little it is talked about...and what the person does about it.

Till you do, it is only a CLAIM.

+++Like I's a private thing. I wish your church's trials and tribulations and sodomizing priests were a bit more private.

: If you have suggestions on how to make the
: world a better place, please let us hear
: them. I am very interested in hearing them.

+++Stop spreading biased "news"...stop engaging in dis-information...don't encourage ignorance and prejudice...stop removing posts that quote books you never heard of...stop encouraging the United States to kill Muslims, start being more even handed in your approach to the people of Iraq, stop teating it as if you had some claim to it...stop banning and deleting people, encourage open dialogue, stop worrying about catering to the dumbest and least educated among us...then come back and I'll suggest some more.

: Are you recommending that every Assyrian not
: pay his taxes?

+++Any number of Americans are paying their taxes and at the same time working to change things they don't approve are gladly paying for the destruction of "your" country and paying for the preservation of Israel at the same time. No one said don't pay taxes, I said protest a policy that leads to the deaths of 600,000 children in you protest the murder of Christians in Armenia decades ago...and tell us all and contantly about how many of us Christians are killing today...not just the Christian victims of Muslims...and stop removing posts that seek to ask these questions.

Are you recommending that we
: follow your example by posting on a few
: forums on the net to not be silent ?

++++That isn't all I do and you know it. There is a lot to be said for having intelligent, free and open discourse on a variety of topics relating to our condition HERE and NOW.

: let us know.
: So if I understand you correctly, YOU do not
: approve of the choice of symbolism in
: Christianity.
: There are actions and statements in every faith
: that may not be to my liking. I do not go
: out of my way to highlight them every chance
: I get.

++++More's the pity. It will be left to others then to move us'll always go along in order to get along. Your statement could have been made by any Cro magnon man 60,000 years ago. Things will not change through any help from are fixated on the past, a time when Assyria was yours.

: Please respect the personal choices people make
: in terms of faith.

++++Not when they use that faith as an excuse to rob, rape and murder...not then. Not when they chant pious hommilies while buying ammunition...not while they invoke their god and do their dirty work under his protection. You guys slam Islam often enough...

: I would be very interested in your thoughts
: other religions. Do you equally dissapprove
: of Islam and judaism?

++++I told you...they are three parts of the same thing..three ways to worship the same insane Jewish tribal god. I just don't appreciate it when you...or they...think you have Truth on your respective sides and can kill each other's children to prove it.

: I am also interested in knowing what you think
: of Saddam, the 'leader' of Iraq.

++++I don't know him, and neither do you. He is certainly no worse than any number of thugs this country has used in the past to get its way and deflect criticism from itself. I know that 25 years ago Iraq was flourishing under this man...I know the United States set the Mullahs of Iran up and encouraged the war between them...and supplied both sides...I know they encouraged his move against Kuwait, then turned on him...I know they supplied him with the poison he used and were his allies than...I know he is outgunned and hemmed in and at the mercy of this country and couldn't do a damn thing without our appsoval...and I know we approve of what he's done because Iraq is an oil rig now...I know this all started when the last oil jobber was president here and has continued right up till this shrub took office, I know all of his advisors are in oil and energy...I know this country will use Saddam till it no longer needs him, then will do what they did to the Shah of Iran. And I know you'll use whatever you too think will "work" to get your ends met.

+++I also know that you try to appear like you want dialogue but are trying to get me blocked and banned.

-- panch
-- signature .

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