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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 10:40AM :

That's the name of a play presented in San Francisco by a travelling troupe of Palestinian actors from Ramallah. It was reviewed in the Arts section of the paper. They've been to Europe with it and around America...where in Boston at its first performance an Israeli group boycotted because they weren't getting "equal time". Is that CHUTZPHA (balls) or what??? You gotta hand to them...they KNOW how to do it.

The reviewer said the show had weak spots but also riveting ones and he hopes that on its return it will play to a larger audience. Good for them. Their theatre was bombed out by the Israelis...terrorist theatre...actually most actors will tell you that you have to be suicidal to enter their profession in the first place, that they "bomb" all the time...sorry, couldn't help it.

Point is, that it's about time Muslims learned the power of the Arts to communicate your message at a subliminal level...not just in sincere and "logical" harrangues. What logical speech ever got anyone married...or laid. It's at the emotional level that you move people...not with dialectic and statistics. The Jews have fact they have them all...they've got the poetry, the painting and sculpture...classical music, jazz and Pop, movies and stage plays and newspapers and books and propaganda and truth machines...they've got politics and science and statistics and gut wrenching personal histories. Power to them...they understand these things better than anyone...they even foster the notion that they are in "control"...when it suits thier purpose.

We're jealous of them is all.

Now we Assyrians on the other hand...if a troupe of actors were to come to show a play about us...would boycott the thing...we'd call the newspapers and tell them not to support the print the "truth" and "facts" about the traitors performing it...say we had evidence that the playright was an enemy of America, a pervert, out for the money. We'd accuse them of having an "agenda"...and we'd probably phone in a bomb threat on opening night. This would all be done in the name of TRUTH and UNITY and in hopes of impressing our neighbors with our dedication to our homeland and a real love of our OOmpapatah...a love so sacred, so deep, so all pervasive that we'd rather die than allow anyone, especially a traitor and agent in need of a spread filth and lies about us.

Then we'd go home satisfied that we'd done a good days work. And of course it would never strike us to do the job ourselves and write our version, or better yet try to work together...just the fact that we'd stopped someone else...stopped ourselves, again...would be enough...and the church would smile.

-- panch
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