The Depths Of Irony

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 1:51PM :

There are now supposed to be "Jewish only" towns in there were no Jews allowed in American cities and neighborhoods a short time ago.

Muslims are the new Jews...and the sad thing it is that it's the same Christians who brought us all Auschwitz and the rest of it...they wont ever admit it but it is.

And it's the Muslims who lived in peace and harmony, given Human Nature, all those centuries sheltering the Jews and taking them in when the Christians chased them out periodically, who are now being treated as the Christians treated the sub human vermin to be snuffed out and isolated and segregated.

This is intended to infuriate the Muslims even more...there has been a lull in those "deplorable" suicide has fallen off and Sharon can't steal more land or consolidate what he has stolen already , AND demonize the Muslims even more...without some new outrages.

Jew only towns...Israeli Blitzkreig...Muslims concentration camps...Muslim Bantulands...Muslims vilified and hated...the Jews simply learned what to do to others...and the Christian is calling the shots...again.

There are Jews of good will who don't like any of this any more than many of us do...but they too are afraid of their own religious radicals...acting under the guise of religion when they're just greedy rapacious bastards anyway...same as on all sides.

And America? It wants to enshrine the Lord too...march us straight backwards...not in one step...but little mincing ones.

-- panch
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