Re: What's the point in discussing this anyway?

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Posted by Qasrani(reposted by Jeff) from LTU-207-73-65-124.LTU.EDU ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 6:46AM :

In Reply to: Re: What's the point in discussing this anyway? posted by Stella(reposted by Jeff) from LTU-207-73-65-124.LTU.EDU ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 6:44AM :

Re: What's the point in discussing this anyway?

Posted By: Qasrani <> (
Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2002, at 5:24 a.m.

In Response To: Re: What's the point in discussing this anyway? (Stella)

Hello, Stella.

: Hi Q (Q was my favorite Star Trek character)

: ***Qasrani, your initial post had a racist tone
: to it. When saying that Assyrian children
: learning the Kurdish language is repulsive
: then well, what kind of conclusions do you
: expect people to make? There was no future
: explanation of your comments.

Yes, I admittedly have a revulsion toward what is happening in Northern Iraq. And I don't understand why more people don't see the residual effects of what is happening there. And if you were saying that you look forward to a Kurdistan being established, well...I honestly didn't know if you are seriously misguided or were just trying to get my goat. (I could only think, "This woman can't be serious!")

And I do maintain that it is repulsive that an oppressing minority is given authority to preside over another minority and that without any international recognition, wants to proclaim statehood and thinks if it acts like one long enough then everybody will finally let them play in the brutal kickball field of the international family of nations. No way. Not if Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and not to forget any country with a formidably armed and organized minority can have anything to do with it. Kurdistan is but a fleeting possibility. And we need to really understand the blessing that is as Assyrians.

: ****What do you get when you fight fire with
: fire? A bigger fire. Unfortunately, this is
: why the world is so screwed up. No decisions
: have been made to solve these problems using
: logic AND compassion. Just more shrewd,
: calculated moves.

Stella, I already warned you about those rose-colored glasses, ok? I won't respond to this sort of argument line. I'm talking about what's on the ground. We can't just sit around and try to call for the referee to call the fouls. If our own examples don't prove it, then look at the Palestinians or any other disenfranchised minority. The lesson is the same: There is no referee. It's every tribe, clan, nation, ojakh, church, race, gender for itself. You can mix those up and come up with some unifying force but don't expect anybody to stand impartial. Everybody has interests to pursue. So, obviously we're coming from different ends of the political spectrum. And if that's the case there isn't much room for discussion, is there? Just my rantings to counter your rantings and we'll keep missing each other because we're not playing by the same rules.

: **** I'm sorry I should have made myself more
: clear. I recognize and understand and grieve
: for the sufferings that Assyrians have had
: in the past I'm not denying the Kurdish
: involvement in the numerous massacres of the
: Assyrians. But how will all of this
: bickering and insulting help the situation?

Honestly, I don't care if Kurds apologize. I don't care if they make an admission of guilt. I'm not bickering or insulting. I have preferences. Allying with Kurds is not among them. I think I'm entitled to that... Preferences. Anyhow, I've met Kurds, I don't dislike them as individuals. But for me, learning Kurdish in schools, is not just about expanding children's horizons and knowing "the other."

: Get rid of this "Sole Victims of
: the World and in History" mentality.

Who has this mentality? You didn't address it to me directly. I don't think our suffering is any worse than many others. I think I'm entitled to look after the group that I find most affinity with: my sometimes silly Christian-Catholic-Nestorian-Chaldean-Aramean-Syriani-Babylonia-whatever-you-want-to-call-them people.

Pshena, Q

-- Qasrani(reposted by Jeff)
-- signature .

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