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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 8:25AM :

In Reply to: Qasrani: Re: Gifvilte Fish!!! posted by Jeff (reposted by Jeff) from LTU-207-73-65-124.LTU.EDU ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 6:39AM :

++++Hey guys...that was impressive...friendly, gentle, kindly done, but firm and concise. I'll be the old rat bastard codger...I earned guys do the real work.

Funny how often these guys say, "if you_______, then I really cannot discuss this with you." What they mean to place in that blank space is..."if you don't stop bringing up things I can't answer".

All of them speak as if they memorized something... it doesn't really come from the heart, or from any conviction. I think I was onto something...that's why I can't view them over there...why they come out now with arguments that have around them all one common theme...we have been wronged and we must continue to refuse to be righted in any way, unless the impossible happens, a thing that has never happened before in history...and that is that someone somehow will come give us our just reward for all the suffering and injustice we've endured.

For the first 1000 years of Christianity, the second coming of Christ was fervently belived in and looked for. It was only after he hadn't showed up repeatedly and the church sensed some confusion among the masses that the Kingdom to come was repositioned up on the clouds and each of us would enter it when we died...not having to wait for Judgement Day. Till then Heaven was supposed to happen down here on earth...Jesus would come, lead the Armies of Right, he'd win this time...don't ask too many questions, and the meek and wronged and scourged of the earth would reign supreme HERE on earth.

That's why Orthodox Jews were opposed to men creating the state of Israel, Zion...because it contradicted Scripture...God was supposed to do it.

These Christians of ours think along the same lines...they are the willing meek and humble of the earth...though murderous in their hearts. They don't feel they should DO anything to get their just rewards...Jesus is supposed to come down and hand it to them on a platter...that's the pay off for all that abuse and spit...our merits alone, our glorious suffering and misery and humiliation were the price for admission we paid... not to now also have to get up and get to work, to meet, to raise funds, to petition address the UN etc. We are SUPPOSED to do nothing ourselves, FOR Scripture can be fulfilled...DAMN IT...we EARNED IT by Jesus earned his reward...and getting continuously crucified...insisting on it even, is how we are supposed to earn our reward!!!

What was the point in all of that glorious and gleeful misery and martyr dom, if now we also have to get off our knees and asses and get to work building anything...the hell with Heaven, how about just a safe haven of our own...even THAT has to be done for us by someone else...and we still manage to piss and moan because they were SUCCESSFUL...and even though our own people there stand to benefit by it...our Christian purists and nationalists are mad as hell...angry that Assyrians in Iraq would be so "low down" as to try to get along in life, build schools and maybe start businesses and particpate in the civic life of their cities...that's NOT what these guys want. They want vindication...proof that they were right and all that shit our supposedly Assyrian ancestors swallowed...something we all know Assyrians never did...was worthwhile and meaningful, even NECESSARY as the best and only way to win not only Paradise, but a country too??????????????????????

No wonder you can't get three of us together without two of us eating the other one...raw.

-- panch
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